Things are awful. Or maybe getting better, I really don't know anymore

Virginia Tech football is bad but also maybe getting better? The offense is improving, but also hasn't scored in the first quarter this season? It's all a complicated mess of contradictions, and none of it will make you feel any better.

[Mark Umansky]

Wow, we're only on week four and college football Saturdays already feel like a medication-free root canal.

The Virginia Tech football team is 1-2 with back-to-back losses in relatively embarrassing fashion to two typical Big Ten bottom feeders. Things aren't great, but I don't have to tell you that, because we're all trauma bonded after watching that disaster in Piscataway. A 19-point loss to a team that couldn't throw for 50 yards.

But one of the worst things about the Hokies' struggles so far in the year is that it's hard to come to a consensus on just about anything. Due to the injury luck, lack of depth, influx of transfers, quarterback change and relative coaching failures, you can have just about any opinion — both pessimistic or cautiously guarded — and be right.

In fact two arguments directly in opposition to each other can both be right, which somehow makes this whole thing even more maddening. You can't even win a take, just give your correct opinion while listening to another fan's (often accurate) complaints that are a complete opposite view of your own.

So let's look at a few ideas that seem contradictory, yet are somehow both spot on.

Tech has a talent problem...yet are way too talented to play like this

This is probably the biggest argument I've seen on Twitter for the last two weeks, coming to a head after a NINETEEN POINT LOSS TO F*CKING RUTGERS (I'll never get over it.) The base conflict of Hokie Twitter's two warring factions basically amounts to this:

The overly optimistic people will point to the roster and scream about Pry not being a miracle worker. He, Chris Marve and Tyler Bowen can only play with the cards they have in the deck, and there's no Fuller, Edmunds or Vick walking through that door. On the flip side, a mass of fans point to the genuine upgrades made from a year ago. Going to the portal to swap out the receiver room like a Keith Richards blood transfusion. Getting the most explosive back they've had since Khalil Herbert and two of their three best players on defense, all added to last season's roster. This group is certainly a more talented one than the 2022 Hokies.

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