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Every summer like clockwork, the ACC makes what they believe to be a big announcement only to be completely tea bagged and ham-sandwiched by the B1G and/or SEC about a week later.

Last year it was UT and OU to SEC, this year it's UCLA and USC to B1G.

Big lolz...

What was Swofford supposed to do with Notre Dame? Tell them to join in football, too, or kick rocks? They would have just done that, and joined another conference for their other sports. It gave the ACC an outside shot if things broke differently.

Having spent a ton of time in Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa recently for work, I would have to disagree. Not sure what you mean by culturally but the population of SWVA is more similar to the deep south than the mid-west, in my opinion.

Yes, I've been watching it. So refreshing to see a show in this genre that will take you through some mental gymnastics with it's plot twist's. I was expecting a traditional shoot 'em up type of show.

Has anyone else been watching "The Old Man" on FX/Hulu.

I've really loved it so far, Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow are both amazing in this series. I also think the guy that does the young John Lithgow really nails the voice.

If the B1G and the SEC do not expand further then yes I agree. If the B1G and SEC do continue to expand and Oregon and Washington are off the table and into the BIG 12, then that makes the odds of a landing spot for VT higher.

Only way someone is getting 'kicked out' is if there is a promotion/relegation situation (HIGHLY unlikely, but also the best possible outcome IMO), and Vandy/SCar/etc gets relegated.

I think it would be nearly impossible to kick a school out, especially Vandy as a founding SEC member. If they all meet and propose to kick them out then someone else gets bumped down to that line of relegation and I just don't think any school is willing to go down that road

Right. But if we joined the SEC, for example, do you think they would cut our check for SEC tv revenue and send it to us, or tobacco road?

I live in Atlanta (capital of SEC country) and most people here seem to have respect for VT (and moreso Clemson). I get a lot of "Damn, how did Fuente fuck that up" comments, but I feel like our football culture is respected by the SEC Bluebloods, much moreso than South Carolina or Mizzou or other mediocre SEC teams.

The question I keep coming back to is, will the B10/SEC ever get cutthroat with any of their current members? Vandy, Missouri, Rutgers or Northwestern could all somewhat feasibly be cut for bigger and better schools, if you're telling me they are going to be willing to cut ties with current members my feelings on VT get a lot better, I am of the opinion that you have to get into one of these big 2, my preference is the SEC. I think the brand is better, we are closer to those schools and culturally fit in. Personally, living in southeast georgia, it puts me closer to a lot more potential road games and I wouldn't have to live through the potential taunts from my in-laws when Ohio State beats VT every year if we were in the B10.

My guess in this situation is that in an expanded playoff, the ACC will get less access than B10/SEC teams, but still some access. I don't think the B12 + P12 super league puts the ACC out of the picture. I think it will be a more fun confence to watch, but I'm not sure they significantly more money PER SCHOOL than the ACC would.

Having lived in SEC country for nearly 30 years, I can tell you VT already is considered a poor stepsister to the vast majority of SEC programs. VT's reputation here (and I believe nationally) is the school Michael Vick played for. And, not much more. I know we don't like to hear that, but that's been my experience living in SEC country.

Hey Alum. Why do you think FSU would want (much less demand) that Miami is included? I am probably googling wrong or just being lazy.

One thing that maybe scares me the most - everyone just keeps assuming that the B1G and SEC are going to keep expanding and shaking things up, but what if they don't? What if none of these intermediate brands add any value to them and it was just the Texas and LA schools that made sense and added a ton of value? We're all hoping VT will "have a place at the table" eventually but the table might already be set. If the ACC doesn't get shaken up, we're just locked into a subpar deal in a subpar conference for the better part of the next two decades.

ND is obviously out there but they've turned down big paydays before. Oregon seems like the next big fish but it sounds like the B1G has already basically told them thanks but no thanks. If the Big 12 and Pac-12 remnants merge to create a third "superconference," which seems like the likely next step here if the B1G and SEC are done, the ACC probably becomes a distant and clear 4th place to them and viewed as closer to the current G5 than it is to the other 3.

I am not against this alignment.

Questions: How do you see 21 teams working in each conference? I am assuming three divisions of 7 each? How would that work with regard to arriving at a conference champion?

A school (for our sake, let's hope its VT) could leave and simply not pay.

TV money goes to the conference which then distributes it. VT would never see a penny

They would also owe for what the ACC would have made if they had joined the ACC.

The ACC owns 2 or 3 ND games per year. ND can do what they want with the rest, including sell them to the BTN instead of NBC. But they can't join another conference or compete for its championship. That opportunity is owned by the ACC through 2036.

Totally agree, this depends on a lot of arrangements colliding. I just think its more likely in VA than NC.