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Yeah, it was kinda "meh" for me through the first three episodes. Just kinda felt all over the place to me and seemed kinda disjointed. This episode for whatever reason snapped things into place for me.

Well, I guess that and finding out they had to rewrite the Flag Smasher thing helped.

Just tuned in to the game and they have it in hand in the 7th. However, who the effing hell chose to use blue for uniforms? Maybe ESPN App color is way off but this looks like loluva color scheme until you catch the slight maroon/orange accent on the sleeve stripe. If it is a gray, the blue tint should be toned way down. Maybe this is why the ESPN interns make so many mistakes on their TV graphics?

For those interested, and for a limited time, if you are interested in a Hokie stone fireplace or accent wall I have what you need. I came across this forum simply by googling "Hokie stone" so I wanted to offer it here 1st. I felt like it was meant to be. My father graduated in 1961 and my daughter in 2018. I've been a Hokie fan my whole life and both of my parents were born in Pearisburg. I know what a big deal this is and how hard this product is to come across. Full disclosure, it's not the exact blend ( You know the deal with the Hokies quarry ) however it is 20% authentic and the other 80% is a dead ringer.
It's even a Dolomite limestone like the original. I know Hokies have dispersed all over the country and would like to bring a little of Blacksburg to their home in the form of Hokie stone. The blend I have is called "Blacksburg blend" and it's just now become available. It is a natural stone, not a man made product. But it is sawn thin on the back to make it 1"-1.5" thick for easy installation. I am currently building an E-Commerce web site to sell veneer stone ( that's the business I am in ) and will include this stone on that web site if it's still available when I launch it. But if you or anyone you know is interested please respond and we'll exchange information and I can get you some pictures. Again, as it stands, it has not been offered publicly before, it is limited in quantity for obvious reasons ( hard to get and hard to match ), and I will not be able to offer it for a long period of time. But I know there is an interest, and I can supply the closest match you'll ever find to what's on the buildings at Va. Tech w/ some of the stone being EXACTLY what's on the buildings at Va. Tech. Let the games begin Hokies, this might be a once in a lifetime offering and I can ship it right to your front door...... Go Hokies

Our group had to deal with the rain, change camping spots as they told us our spot would flood (and did), and losing a number of canopies to wind damage I would go back to that dirt race in a heartbeat. Was a ton of fun. Getting back home at 2 a.m after the race Monday and getting straight back to work was rough. Hopefully tv did it justice.

Looked so much like Bristol. I have been slowly catching up on sleep and chores since that crazy weekend with the flooding. Spring time races are so dicey with the weather on the east coast. Be a long day with the Masters and racing tomorrow if it all pans out right.