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If Epic store exclusivity was the reason for waiting in the first place, I highly doubt that being a freebie on the Epic store will matter in the future.

This is me but with Borderlands 3. Probably would have bought it day one on Steam, didn't want to buy from Epic, and when it released at $30 on Steam I still decided to wait on it and still haven't bought it yet.

1. So you can have a "nose" in a 40 front... Joe Greene played a cocked nose for the Steelers for years. It doesn't mean he will be aligned head up on the center.
2. That nose doesn't have to be huge. John Teerlinck had success with Keith Traylor (who was f'n enormous) and way smaller than average defensive tackles. But, they have to have the first step to get into the gap and then the strenght and balance to tie up the guard and center. Star L. was small by NFL DT standards, but was much bigger than Jarrod Hewitt and VT's other two deep nose options.

3. Buffalo had an excellent defense, and their top 3 DEs were all in the 250-265 range. Yes, Garbutt is very small (he isn't with the team right now), but the other guys are similar size wise. The impetus is on Teerlinck to improve their reaction speed and burst using the techniques his dad pioneered, while getting longer guys for the future. He has had success at DE. DT, jury is VERY out right now. If they can flip Tyleik Williams from OSU, that will help.

4. Getting a nose is hard. Getting a John Randle/Ed Oliver/Trevor Pryce/Michael Dean Perry type 3 tech is Soo-whee tough.

Doesn't using a "nose" mean we also need to have bigger 3-4 DEs at some point? Like your 265+ guys that we never seemed to have at end with Bud. Garbutt, for example, is listed at 238!

I guess this is what you mean when you say the personnel will have to catch up with the system.

Will the two starting graduate transfers have an additional year of eligibility as well? If so, Justice Reed might have the longest CFB career of all time.

Also noticed Tisdale's listed weight indicates he's lost a few lbs since last season. Looks more like a WR by his measurables.

Dave Doeren went to his NC State interview dressed in a royal blue suit with Carolina blue pinstripes because he said the colors highlighted his eyes. He wore no tie and left the top 2 buttons undone.

Your literally grading the entire series by its last season. The show was really good until the last season.... and the nudity was a bonus....

Sounds more and more like I may have nailed this one. Also note that the depth chart uses the term "nose."


If this is right, you guys had it months ago, and this is the only place you could get it.

Any Chadwick GIF gets a leg..... ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ

It's hard enough trying to convince college aged males to wear a condom, let alone teach them to not intermingle with the rest of the student body.

Fixed it for ya.

Well I think you're underrating my opinion and also think that your opinion of my opinion is overrated

Some of our friends out there preferred the desert to the coast and Bend was mentioned often.

It went down when D&D ran out of GRRM material to pull from. Then Disney hired them for Star Wars. Then fired them (and that's saying a lot based on the last 3 SW movies).