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I love the first reply to Bitter's follow up tweet this morning.

People already forgetting what CMY has done to get a team even on the court this upcoming year.

  • He's closer to home
  • Florida is now a Final Four contender
  • I'm assuming UF has his graduate degree.

Can't fault the kid for leaving if all of these are true.

We've considered disbanding the team over less

Hopefully Prioleu (I'm sure I butchered the spelling) will be a huge bump for defensive recruiting. I love our coaches but man I'm more that ready to start reading some positive things about our football program again. I'm prob overreacting bc of recent recruiting events but I'm ready to see some success again in recruiting. The day I win the power ball I'm donating 7 figures to football

Yeah they had to hire Les Miles, he hasnt beaten Saban in like a decade. They are really slumming it with his 71% winning percentage.

All joking aside, Kansas and Duke have brand names and money from other avenues. Once they get serious and hire coaches that can be 2nd fiddles (like cutcliffe) they can do alright. Rutgers is fucked.

On the field, sure, but watching any team in Lane is a lot more fun for many than any recruiting will ever be.

Even this past year, I was sad when the season ended and have only cared passingly through the recruiting cycle. Same with basketball.

Na, we should just disband football, I mean if we arent going to win a title why play, right.

/ s because someone will think I'm serious

This needs to go to plaid.

To night, at the pit, everyone gets laid

Dude I dunno why you're getting downvoted and the next post agreeing with you gets upvotes. I got you though.

I was thinking Corey Moore but yes him too

In case anyone had any doubts

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This is definitely the best news on TKP from yesterday. Congrats on the beautiful fish and great trip!!

We've landed guys like Hunter and Dax who were our top targets over the last couple of years. However, missing these guys on the DL is tough and it continues to happen. Bud has never been a great recruiter and it has been magnified with things happening in his personal life and medical issues (I know some have mentioned there have been a couple of medical issues in the last year). Is he completely invested at this point? I know the man can coach but is he doing everything else at 100%? What about Wiles?

Does Fuente need to bring in a new coach on defense that can increase the talent? Recruiting on offense hasn't been a huge concern, but we are not landing guys on the DL and secondary (I have a feeling that Hamilton is going to do well as a recruiter).

Apparently saying hello to mom is overrated

After today, I think I will hang up TKPing until August camp rolls around, this type of news is ruining my summer. Oh wait, I live in the southern hemisphere...ruining my winter.

Edit: forgot to mention Joe, just renewed for another year, and really hoping for some improvement in football and any form of success in basketball in the coming academic year.

I get what you're saying but you're missing the point. In fact, you're proving my point. No blue chip DE is willing to come. why? We lead in sacks. Known for Defense. Have one of the top DC in country. So what gives? There's a reason and it's because we move size out of DE position.

And if you are recruit it doesn't matter if those players weren't good enough. You see a system that moves size out of DE. If your dream has always been to play DE and be a pro DE, why would you risk it when another program and their system gives you confidence you will stay at DE.

Oh I agree. I'm a huge supporter of Bud. But we should recognize the limitations of the system we have and not get too disappointed when we consistently whiff on prototypical DEs.

This is one of the whiniest, chicken little, wimpy takes I have seen. Cut our losses? Red flags? Fire Bud? This take is embarassing. Downvote me if you disagree...dont care.