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WOO!! I really like this guy. His film to me suggests he will fit into a roll that we expect Blackshear to fill if he's eligible this year.

For context, it's worth noting that the Oxford scientists made very bold statements about their vaccine while criticizing other vaccine efforts in April. In mid May, they published their result in monkeys and heralded their success, despite other vaccine experts suggesting it was less than stellar results (all vaccinated monkeys were infected and didn't produce robust antibodies). And now they're stating a 50/50 chance due to low transmission rates.


From the Laughs and Groans Dad Jokes app:
Where do bees go to the bathroom?

The BP station.

What are we touring? Their house? If so this is a huge waste of time as Redman's Cribz was the best and cannot be topped.

Speculation or fact?

Don't offers require some form of consensus? Or can coaches pull the trigger on whoever / whenever they want?

Seems crazy process if 1 coach has that ability!

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Well, I did warn her that these things are complex and don't always work as planned. Thankfully just the weather.

You're saying he is being too detailed in his semantics and you are screaming generalities to the heavens that the recruiting sky is falling. We aren't getting anywhere arguing and don't know enough actual truth to convince each other one way or the other.

Staff has until January to get talented kids signed up in the maroon and orange. Failure this year will be insurmountable whereas the horribly rated small class from last year could prove negligible if this year turns around.

Fact: arguing with one another in May will not improve anything.

A hamstring problem that leads directly to a knee problem isn't a failure of the musculoskeletal system biomechanics? I'm the one being nitpicky about semantics? It was an illustration to say that systemic problems have some sort of common thread. Or else what is the system with the problem?

"it's a systemic problem and the common thread is everything!!!!!!"

Judging from your other take that started off as "we can't use early playing time as an excuse for one recruit leaving us for a lower program when we don't pull any recruits in the last two years from better programs with the same reasoning" (which was wrong) and then became more and more like the Pepe Silvia Meme as it went (The SI article! The Duke game! Don't you see it's all connected!), it seems more like you don't actually want to discuss anything instead of just airing all your grievances with the program and this gave you a reason to

They're very reliant on development, which is why a class average of 0.8360 isn't too worrying. I think they are a fascinating team to watch every off season because they could either be 9-3 or 5-7 any season.

PJ told the Roanoke Times he's transferring to be closer to home because of the ro-ro.

Article says that he's been impacted fairly closely and the whole thing has made him want to be closer to home.