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And so did we. Smith has been hot on the recruiting trail. I can't fault him for not closing on this one. Onto the next one.

That may be true for SEC schools, but OSU and Michigan would not want to give up access to the NCAA for their other sports. It's a source of pride for them.

Mission first. Period.

Just as it should be. The proper role of the service academies is to develop the men and women that protect our nation often at the expense of their own lives. The USA pays for their education and gets a certain number of years of service for that financial commitment (some exceptions, I know).

I'm proud of what I got out of VT and the VTCC in education and opportunities. At the time, I did not think of the graduates of the academies as better men (I think that there were still only men at there at the time) than myself, but that might very well the ego of a 21 year old male.

Piss on them.

They're the ones that set themselves on fire. I say hold it.

I don't know if that would happen because the NCAA would kick all their other sports out as well. So they need to plan on having SEC March Madness also, which won't be nearly as compelling.
Many of those schools probably won't care about the Olympic sports.

Retaliation? I doubt that they would, but if all the other schools banded together, the NCAA could mandate only one school from each conference could play for the national title - that would throw some cold water on the "super conferences". I realize that the broadcast companies would fight that but if they would stand together it MIGHT work.

Wine glasses? What a waste of space. If you insist on not drinking straight from the bottle, straws are so much more compact!

I think his argument is valid and why go somewhere where we are going to get caved in week after week where as here we actually have a shot at a divisional title and an upset bit at Clemson. It's a fair point really I'm not part of the run to the SEC argument because of this. We are competitive in the ACC in basketball and all other sports why jump to the SEC solely for football? I get the money argument but I don't think that money changes our competitive level for a long while if so.

Antani Ivanov of Bulgaria, a Hokie, came in 6th in his heat for the men's 200 m butterfly. Probably won't advance โ˜น๏ธ

The ACC grant of rights is going to keep all of the current schools in place for another decade. If it was 2031, I would be more nervous right now.

I am just struggling to understand what Texas's end game is here. They have the largest athletic budget of any school. How is $10-20 million going to drastically change things? They have been pretty irrelevant outside of 2018 for the last 12 years. They are going to sign up for something that is going to make it harder to get wins. IMO they are more likely to go the Nebraska and Tennessee route (aka used to be relevant 20 years ago) than being the next Alabama. I guess that extra money will make watching the Vince Young Rose Bowl on the LHN on repeat easier to stomach.

Maybe I'm in the minority but I do NOT want to join the SEC. Why be the 10th best football program there when we can be top 5 here. The amount of money on the east coast and fans willing to go to games is not changing based on what conference we're in. The Acc in its current form will always be relevant, no one gets left out unless schools start jumping ship.

130 teams that technically a shot to win it all is what makes CFB so exciting. Good G5 teams beat P5 teams all the time, all 130 teams should get a chance to compete at this level.

More interesting matchups will come from teams actually having some balls in nonconference scheduling not throwing Texas and OU into an already loaded SEC schedule.

Also all conferences should play 8 game schedules so that we get more nonconference games. And limit FCS games to teams that were in the FCS playoffs the year before. Wofford should not count as a win towards Clemson's total every year.

We probably need to realize that picking Penn St. over VT isn't a "bad miss" anymore...they've got great used car salesmen over there and we don't have much to sell recently. The 22' class is solid now and can become better, but VT needs to win to get those out of state guys to come to the 'Burg.

Nacho and Militao were great for the most part last year when they played together, and they played quite a bit overall with so many injuries, and Ramos missing almost all year. Not sure we will go after anyone else on the backline until we sort out the Mbappe situation.

My bet is that Alaba will play CB a lot, though I would prefer him to play LB where I believe he has the most overall impact on matches.

I get what you're saying, and I think that you're correct about what is going on with this step. I disagree with you because I think this is the first step out of 4 or 5 more step that result in the SEC no longer playing NCAAF and instead having their own thing where they act like (and hell, maybe are) a developmental league with explicit contracts and connections with the NFL and everybody else is kind of left on the outside looking in. If the SEC is no longer in the NCAAF 'ecosystem' it's going to cost everyone in the middle class a shitload of money and probably spell the end of football in places like Blacksburg.

If UM, OSU, CU and FSU are really talking to the SEC about jumping ship and joining up, to me it's obvious that the SEC is trying to kneecap everybody else and start their own league with the biggest brands.