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I always find it weird to put pictures of people on clothing and wear it. I love Kitley, but, wearing her face on my lazy-day hoodie? Idk about that.

And it's weird that collegiate NIL merchandise retailers took the Image aspect a little too literal. Just compare the Nike shops of Tiger Woods, Lebron James, etc., not even the graphics have images of them depicted on it.

I'd pass on Reeves. I'm not liking this bit of trend I'm seeing looking into our transfer targets and seeing such poor shooting numbers. Reeves numbers especially are just bad.

Can we just teach the men's basketball and football teams to play games where we have to stress over watching a 23-point halftime lead dwindle to a 12-point victory?

The hearts (and livers) of Hokie Nation would be so much healthier!

We just don't typically get that high a slope rating with flat courses. There are exceptions (Bayside, but it's 7600 from the tips with a slope of 148...) but typically they don't creep that high around here. Especially at 6,000 yards. And having a slope that high under 6,000 yards means it's still pretty difficult for the bogey golfer.

You do realize that Pershing was being set up from the start, right? Everything Elia did was to get the doctor caught so she could get him into that machine. Yeah, it was stupid because Pershing was gullible and needed to get that bit of thrill and overconfidence. This was a sting operation and the Coruscant police(?) were in on the whole thing.

Whoa, 134 slope at 6,000 yards? Man, it's completely different than playing at sea level around here for sure.

It was a "neutral" court. But we wore "home" team uniforms, it was at our "home" court, and is supposed to be a reward for doing better during the season and achieving the higher seed.

We know the truth, the NCAA just doesn't like Metallica.

I guess I'll try my luck with the recap of this past weekend again.

Atlanta reconfigured the track to basically be a 1.5 mile superspeedway recently. I usually get to go to the race each year easily, but duty called and I couldn't attend. As Highlander noted, the truck race was OK and the Busch race was anything but a shit show. Josh Williams parked his car at the start/finish line becoming upset being told to come in to fix his car further. As his mullet flushed in the wind he waved to the crowd as if it was driver intros. He got a decent fine, but Denny Hamlin said he would possibly pay it which is cool.

On to the big race. Almost single file on the wall racing most of the first 2 stages beside Bubba Wallace getting booted out and wrecking early.

Joey Logano had a rocket of a car and dominated the main 2 stages of the race. After that, tires and pit strategy became a big part of the final stage. Guys taking fuel only struggled and eventually got loose and either fell way back or wrecked. My boy Harvick fought a loose turn with Chastain behind him and couldn't get it sorted out resulting in a wreck. Aric Almirola blew a tire in front of Kyle Larson resulting in a few others getting collected as well.

Going into the final stretch it seemed to me that Keslowski had the car to win but needed help to fend off the Toyota cars. In a surprising move to me, Christopher Bell went early and left Tyler Reddick in the dust as an affiliate. I thought they would wait longer and work together as team Yota. That move opened the door for many changes and Kes tried to eventually block the aggressor Joey in the #22. Joey took the top lane, scraped is brake to get an advantageous push from the 20 in Bell and got him in clear air to the win. Bad Brad could've blocked harder but admitted he thought he took enough air off Joey to stall him out. That was a clean finish that was surprising to me.

Kudos to Brad for the clean finish and his post race interview stating that it can be raced hard but clean to the end.

I think they're still figuring this track out and the Busch race scared the big boys from racing hard and wasting money until late when guys quit listening to radios and winning races talks. Nex week is the COTA. First road course of the season. Nascar changed the rules and added the choose line for them as well which I don't think is an advantage on road courses minus Sonoma.

I didn't like that whole sequence. So the "plan" was to hope the droids didn't come around to check tickets until late enough that you were by the first station and it was "slowing"...but still going fast as hell?

Do not see him listed in 247Portal Rankings
6'6 225 lbs Small Forward
Grad Transfer (Possible 2 years left)
2022-23 Stats at New Hampshire
Games 30
PTS. 15.3
TRB. 10.7
AST 1.3

6'6 182 lbs Point Guard transferring out of Florida

247Sports Rank .93 but was a .98 out of high school.
Jerry Meyer eval out of HS.
"Possesses nice length and athleticism for a wing shooter. Top notch shooter with a quick release. Shoots well off catch and dribble. Has niche shot turning or dribbling right where he doesn't fully square up. Much prefers to go right. Comfortable with the ball but is an upright handler. Needs to develop a more physical side as a rebounder. Comes up with steals defensively. Fits the mold of valued shooters with length and athleticism"

Games. 31
Pts. 8.5
REB. 2.6
AST 0.5
FG% 37.7

First season at Florida in a reduced role went much better. This season with more minutes much like Maddox, he struggled shooting the ball since his focus was spread on the whole game rather than as a shooter. Looking for a fresh start but would not expect to see him in a starting role barring big improvement


Sometimes it really is about convenience. I had to give up a golf league several years ago when my work location, which was 5 minutes from the course, move across town which made it over an hour trip.

We are anxiously awaiting the ground to completely thaw in Michigan which should happen with 50Β° temps and rain this week but then the weekends don't look great (cold and rainy).

15 years ago I think the 4 takes him out if they're close. Today time maybe not. Although he went after Chase hard recently. I feel like that was frustration boiling over as well but we will see.

If any locals want to get their ass handed to them on the golf course, head on over to Auburn Hills in Riner.. Played Sat afternoon, wind 20, temp in high 30's, greens lightning fast and ridiculous pin placements. Its a hard course with the terrain and grade fall-offs in the best of conditions, but this was another level. Borderline unfair how impossible how its set up with green speed and pin placement. Its at 134 slope from whites, but I'd say it's playing right now in the Bethpage Black level.

Think that rule changed a few years ago. I believe you can have up to five non-prospect players participate. I think I saw Wells was throwing today for the prospects.