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I agree with this completely. Recruiting is a very personal thing and people have their own reason for making every choice they do, and its probably not to spite random people on an internet message board. I do just want to say that, while every single individual loss can be rationalized, I do think when we have missed on the number of prospects as we have collectively the last two cycles something with the general approach should be looked at.

Kinda makes it funnier.

Bingo. That's exactly what I did when I got my somewhat black-market hair cut from my regular girl last week. Hold it in place while she was doing one ear, then repeat when she does the other. She owns her own shop, and I was the only client in there.

It was either that or go with the man-bun while outside. I figured the man-bun was far more criminal than getting an 'illegal' hair cut from a girl I've been using for 20 years who is doing her absolute best to keep from going bankrupt.

I'm pretty excited to give this a try. Think I found that marina you were talking about (Pleasants Landing), I'll give them a call before I go and see if they're open.

I can't agree with this enough. There could be so many non-football related reasons why a recruit will choose another school over us. Maybe his girlfriend is going to App, maybe they have a better program for his major, maybe he likes Boone better than Blacksburg, etc.

Immediately thinking the world is on fire every time we lose a recruit isn't healthy and has really brought down TKP IMHO.

Out of high school I knew I wanted to go into public safety, at the time law enforcement. I was accepted at VCU and Randolph Macon among some other small schools. VCU had a criminal justice degree program and a homeland security degree program, cost less money, both my parents went there, my mom worked for MCV/VCU, I worked summers for VCU security. I chose RMC because I went to a party there and liked it better I thought. Every legit reason to go to VCU was there RMC didn't even offer a degree field that remotely connected to public safety, cost me a lot more money and I hated it, but I wanted out of Richmond and chose that. How do you not understand that it doesn't matter what a school has to offer sometimes kids want to do something different. The dad says that's the damn case and you are still out here yelling at clouds.

I have a comment about masks that hopefully doesn't derail this: apparently a lot of people my age are asymptomatic. This time of year, I get allergies which means that when I'm outside, I'm likely to sneeze. If I have to go to Kroger, it is in everyone's best interest that I wear a mask. If I'm an asymptomatic carrier, I have no sign to get tested but can still infect others with said sneeze. If I sneeze from my allergies, I might unknowingly infect someone else unless I have a mask to keep the sneeze contained.

The two areas I spend the most time in, Lewisburg and Huntington, have been relatively lucky with the virus. Both are below 10 active cases currently, but one sneeze in the wrong direction without a mask on can trigger a spike. Wearing a mask sucks, but creating a hotbed of infections would suck more.

Just my two cents.

In almost every post I have stated that Tech seems to have a recruiting problem due to our inability to keep blue chip recruits interested. If that is what we want to bitch about. Then let it rain. While I'll disagree with it sometimes, I won't blame you because I understand why that's frustrating.

I'm just saying this kid picking App State isn't a trend we're seeing in our recruiting. If we lose Jack Hollifield to App State too, then yea this needs to be addressed. We're not having an issue landing the 3* star recruits. It's 4 and 5 stars.

I have seen a few news stories showing people getting their hair cut and you would remove the earstrap from one ear and use it to hold the mask in place with your hand. When done with that ear you put it back. Repeat for the other ear.

I was excited to see the Danijel Miletic offer - picking up international recruits (e.g. Pene in '20) is a trend I can get behind.

Are there established international football recruiting blue bloods? For example, in college basketball my gut tells me Gonzaga is THE international recruiting juggernaut. I expect international recruiting mostly mirrors domestic rankings, but maybe we can punch above our weight abroad if we keep prioritizing international recruits and building our brand. The perennial top 10 schools in domestic recruiting are entrenched and tough to unseat, but I'm hoping the international pecking order isn't as set in stone.

i think you hit the nail on the head, they dont care enough to actually put into place common sense laws regarding the masks and to take into account at least some different work environments: why ALL stores/ offices/ businesses? the previous place i worked at had two office personell, why does a two person office need ppe?. id be pissed if i was him too, his two employees are not going to affect the masses, theyre not a Hershey or huge manufacturer with 500 employees working at a time. my guys have to wear masks in the field, literally on site OUTSIDE and if they dont they get kicked off, so they wear them. he is the owner, he should be able to make the decisions of his company and his own ppe requirements.

Wake executes an interesting (and dedicated) strategy that helps mitigate talent deficiencies by redshirting all incoming freshmen with rare exceptions.

Someone on this list may well start/contribute heavily next season but they are pretty consistent with this strategy. This usually creates a situation where they occasionally will line up a veteran and experienced starting group with elevated QB play (which they are also reliant on) and have a really solid season. This past year was almost one of those seasons with 10 wins very much on the table heading into November at 6-1. They beat NC State in early November before finishing the season losing four of their last five games as result of major injuries.

Will be interesting to see when their next "solid" season lines up. It could be as soon as next year since they actually [HAD] two quality P5 QB's on the roster (Newman and Hartman), the latter of which has actually played quite a bit because of various injuries so they might survive Newman's departure better than some expect.

However, all that to say Wake is a good example of a team that has a capped ceiling as a P5 program. Respectable, but certainly not a place I hope to see Virginia Tech in the future.

edit: a word

Legit non-debate question here -- How does the mask work while you're actually getting your hair cut?

I mean, my main deciding factor for needing a haircut is that it's getting too long around the ears, which is exactly where the mask would be attached.

My point was there are all sorts of places that could be in a similar situation. And there's an expectation that they be considered individually, separately, etc. Some place with retail in front and "production/manufacturing" in the back. It's similar to a restaurant. Just so happens that his space in the back is a lot bigger, and potentially with fewer people, but there is still a consumable coming out of the back of the house where he works.

A team full of 2 star recruits still has a hell of a lot better chance of winning a championship than a 50 year old man throwing a hissy fit in the internet.

I'm getting out of this conversation, because this is a weird debate no longer about science (the principal reason I am active in these threads).

If the brewery didn't have a tap house, he wouldn't have to wear a mask.

The bottom line is manufacturing sites were not covered, so all those places you listed don't have to wear masks (golf courses possibly excepted if there is a rule on public course, idk). However, since breweries and wineries are principally sites of manufacture with a tap house added on, the manufacturing sector of the brewery is being lumped into a rule that was intended for the tap house. That is what the OP is trying to say.