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Move 1: lawyer up
Move 2: make the official move date not too far out but far enough where the breakup is awkward
Move 3: wait for more schools to leave/the league to finally collapse or capitulate

Yeah, as long as one of these ends up on Worsham Field when this is all said and done (2023 or 2024 season?) then I really don't care what happens from here on out.

Ok, so now we wait. Just hoping when the time comes, we are part of an announcement by either of the new Power 2.

Enjoyed the season overall. Probably one of my favorite ST seasons, if not the favorite. Love how they tied all of the different storylines together. Interested to see how they do some sort of time jump for the next season with the state that things were left. I think I'd enjoy weekly releases for the final season rather than everything being released all at once. The theorizing and waiting between episodes this time around was neat and I think it could be a good move on their part to release weekly. Anybody else feel similarly? Differently?

And sure enough, I just saw this

Ehhh I'm okay with it. He also stated that he couldn't fire the car back up (but that he MAY have been able to with a little direction from the engineers on the radio). Combine that with the fact that he did leave his car (for noble reasons), it's understandable why it was hauled away to the pits and why they couldn't let him continue.

Start sending bags of coffee to Merryman. They might be all confused until someone from the staff tweets about it and they get flooded with this gif

And Alonso was right there behind to pick up any pieces. Yea nobody was mentioning Perez AT ALL on the SC restart. A RB with fresh softs is a dangerous machine. Right now, RB and Ferrari are really good at tire warm up on most compounds but struggle to warm up the hards more. For some reason the Merc struggles more to warm up the softs. I think that also played into the hands of Checo, along with their straight line speed advantage.

I thought it was kind of bull shit that Russell could not restart the race, basically because he left his car to check on Ghou after that horrific crash.

That would have been pretty scary to be in the grandstand there as the car flipped over the tire barrier into the catch fence. I would have shit my pants if I was sitting there.

It was funny during the SC how Sky kept saying it was Hamilton's race to lose, completely overlooking the fact that it pulled Perez' rocketship right behind him on the restart. I mean they never even mentioned the Red Bull sitting there and sure enough, he breezed past and pulled away in the end. In the cooldown room, right before they broke away, you could hear Lewis comment that the Red Bull just had too much raw speed for him to keep up. Even when Sainz asked if that meant Merc was back, Lewis gave a look of 'I wish that were the case'.

Lets be honest for one second. Grant of Rights is only as enforceable as the schools within the conference want it to be enforceable. This is why I think the kill shot to the ACC will be a bloc of 4 big state schools bailing at once, and then each locking the ACC up in the courts within their own states to prevent payment. Delay for even as much as 12 months and those payments will never be made.

I don't care about opinions, circumstances, relevancy, today vs yesterday, I just know that right now and the preceding couple years I have cared less about this sport as it has become what it is today. Also, I am not going to "donate" to sports anymore and will instead to the institution and its academics as it probably should have been the whole time. This all feels like a big waste of time now.

I also think there's something to be said for having a legitimate wave of momentum that actually led to a significant string of coordinated commitments coming off the now crucial June window in the recruiting cycle.

Is it the wave of blue-chip prospects we'd like to see moving forward, not quite yet. Is it a sign of legitimate movement/momentum and coordination within our recruiting project amongst a material group of recruits working in unison and coordination? yes.

It's really refreshing to see that even if the blue-chip recruits aren't coming yet, Pry clearly has a higher standard/baseline for recruits to build his class from than Fuente did.

I think there's 2 parts to CFB.

1) There's way too many schools and it is so hard to accurately judge players that the play is just subpar. This creates a ton of randomness.

2) Unless youre from Ohio or Alabama, you and your school fandom chose each other. I am a Hokie not just because my parents were but because I am also an Alum, if I went to UMD, Id be a Maryland fan instead. I am a Ravens fan because my dad Is from Baltimore. There is just something intimate about college sports. Taking my wife to a game for the first time and showing her the campus, its just special.

I don't think a superconference can actually eliminate those 2 things.

Yea I largely agree with 1 & 2. #3 I have doubts about. As I (non lawyer) understand it, the GOR is apparently a huge roadblock. Andy Staples had a piece on this in The Athletic, where a lawyer got a copy of the GOR and said it would result in hundreds of millinos in forfeited TV revenue. It could be challenged in court, but the document is so (intentionally) vague, that it's tough to argue against.

That said, new B10 deal could easily be $100m/school/year, so maybe that could make a $200m loss somewhat palpable.

I'e been thinking a lot about why I love CFB, and I realize that it's the personality that every school has.

  • It's Texas Tech fans throwing tortillas, Wazzu's obession with fireball, Enter Sandman at VT, Jump Around at Wiscy, Tailgating at the Grove at Ole Miss.
  • It's the Harvy Updykes, the T. Boone Pickens, the antics from Gundy and Leach, the petty beefing between Saban and Jimbo, the shade that Lane throws on twitter. It's Jim Harbaugh climbing trees and Les Miles eating grass.
  • It's everything that Warren St. John writes about in Rammer Jammer (the best book out there about CFB fandom IMO).
  • It's Iowa State blocking OkSt's chance at a national championship. It's 4-9 Pitt keeping WVU out of a championship. It's being able to not just recognize, but celebrate that the best game of the season may have no impact whatsoever on the championship race.
  • It's wacky plays like this, this, and these.
  • It's the sweet, sweet, Schadenfreude that we revel in every weekend

I don't care if players get paid.
I don't care if players can transfer.
I don't care if the sports breaks in to 2-3 15-30 team super-leagues.
I don't care if the playoff includes the whole nation or not.
I don't care if my team has no chance at winning a national championship - I'll still root for the Hokies every weekend, because I know they could ruin someone's season.
I care about the sickos game of the week
I care about keeping College Football weird.

I think it's possible (though far from guarenteeded) that the new format - whatever that looks like - can maintain the weirdness. Ideally we want college football to be regionally focused, and nationally relevant. Nationwide Super leagues with regional divisions could get us close to that.

I'm anxious, and fear for the worst (especially for VT), but I'm willing to wait and see what happens next.

Not saying fully bak, just another step closer. The damage to LeClerc's car only cost him 5 points of downforce. It was just a frontwing endplate. In the grand scheme of things, minimal damage.

Agreed that if Max didn't have the floor damage, he likely would have won comfortably. But it is quite obvious the Merc, at least on this track, looked to be in the mix.

The SC nerfed HAM's chances, because it ruined his tire delta. Far from everything going perfect for him.