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i'm serious though! my understanding is that the show has so many loose ends and pump fakes that it basically unintentionally memed itself and that the showrunners just couldn't be bothered to land it cohesively once they ran out of source material and got distracted by star wars money

my verdict: overrated content, ending undid all the goodwill it had built up, and im glad i never invested any time or real mental capacity into it -- just enough not to get left behind the zeitgeist

Late to this but my take:

Exclusivity has replaced innovation in the market. There isn't an innovative reason to get one console over the other, the leaps just aren't worth buying a console over another one.

Games are going to be used as a reason to buy hardware. Exclusivity is a huge market. Microsoft can now exclusively launch games that had well over half a million new players on PSN last month between Doom, Skyrim, and Fallout on the XBox and move hardware units. They can then further monetize the games by doing an exclusive deal with Epic Games like Borderlands 3 did, make more money for a six month period then launch on steam with a definitive edition and make more money.

I hate the model as it exists now because it reduces competition and I always think more competition is better for the consumer.

I think this is a semi-joking comment, however, there are an incredible amount of posts on here that more or less say "I have no idea what I'm talking about and have no information, but here's my opinion anyway..." with complete sincerity.

I still believe it only got famous for the graphic adult content, and not the story content itself, but I digress

Dave Delorean refuses to get an HBO subscription

my knowledge of GOT is entirely secondhand -- gifs on the internet, hearing chatter at work, seeing comments in the discussion thread here in the "recent comments" tab, etc.

I am 800% committed to the belief that GOT was incredibly overrated

He's also unclear on the difference between a jigawatt and a gigawatt.

If we lost all our games I'd still be concerned about everything I'm concerned about now (non-football). My point being, I am more apathetic about VT football than ever.

But I also would say "this season was a lost cause anyway" due to the virus and all those guys have the opportunity to play next year so it's literally a free rebuilding year. The recruiting trail has already been screwed by the virus as well as the college football landscape. At the end of the day, it's all out of my control.

There is this gem of a wrestling-style promo video made by an anonymous NC State fan several years ago hating on Tennessee/someone named Big Vol Daddy. This must happen more often.

David DeLorean posts about politics and religion, downvotes opinions, and links to sites behind a paywall.

TKP is the one place I can come to and feel assured that my Seinfeld references will be widely understood