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Ah, I was taking it in context with the rest of the thread, which was going down the road of suggesting Fuente enjoying the Masters was related to the teams past and assumed future sub-par performance. I see now you were responding to the original comment and that was not what you were suggesting, my apologies. Even if you had been though, fair enough.

I am definitely riding the hot take hot take train. Its going so fast, its hard to fire your shots accurately. Probably should walk away and come back sometimes.

I'm saying he's a good athlete but he aint no QB. If i was basing it off what position he is. He would be top 300 player as an athlete as a QB I would put him around 500-550. Looking at his highlights passing wise got me gonna ehhh a lot. Needs to stop throwing the ball off balance if he does that in college hes throwing 25 picks a season. Personally I think he can thrive at the position Dalton played at here. He has the size and hands for it

Property taxes are different by county. How does that factor?

It's just a weird thing to say, because it implies that you are evaluating him against the other players rated inside and outside the top-300. Unless you have your own evaluation system, how do you know where he would fall? It'd be one thing to say you don't agree with his rating, but unless you're specifically saying that his rating should be below the number #300 rated recruit (do you know what that is?) it's just a strange comment.

Pleasantly surprised at VA's rank on this list:

7.86% Total Tax Burden
2.93% (22) Property Tax Burden
2.87% (11) Individual Income Tax Burden
2.06% (44) Total Sales & Excise Tax Burden

One's a senior, the other is a junior. The younger of the two is a starting lb who led the team in tackles as a soph. Looks like he has three years of eligibility left with a covid year.
If we do indeed sign Alex, I could see him transferring to the good guys. Hell, I could see him transferring even if we don't.

I got out lucky, first shot of Phifer and my arm was stiff after sleeping on it, but nothing worse than a normal flu shot.

Just so the new one has close to the first's number of lines that are still quotable decades later. Seeing a giant Slor at the last of the McKettrick supplicants wouldn't be bad either....

except there's no mechanism for "fired with cause" under the current CBA -- teams don't need it because contracts aren't guaranteed, and players would never agree to it because contracts aren't guaranteed anyway and negotiating for guaranteed money is the only way to ensure they get paid. If Houston cuts him, Houston owes him all the guaranteed money in the deal he signed less than a year ago.

The league has to (a) suspend him, (b) ban him, or (c) put him on the commissioner's exempt list so his salary doesnt count against HOU's cap, but he still gets paid. (c) is most likely until there is a resolution (including suspension). Assuming he's suspended via the league's personal conduct policy, he'll lose out on checks for the weeks he's suspended.

"For us coaches, this is living life. We get to practice three times this week and then watch the Masters. It's pretty cool".

No, RocketCity, i was not suggesting any of what you have, with such hypersensitivity, laid out. Please take a step back from the edge. The above quote sounds pretty awesome, so great for CJF. My comment had more to do with it being in such contrast to the rest of the article.
Perhaps my comment also reflects my own interests, which have never included watching golf... playing absolutely, but watching, no. And I make no suggestion as to what the whole of the Hokie fanbase should feel, whose opinions are likely much more diverse than Augusta's membership by the way.
So please, again, get off from the "I'm offended" train at the next stop, and try not reading as much into fellow Hokies honest reactions.

its. not. about. the. golf.

You've hit on most of it already. The "throw away comment" about the Masters is just maddening because it's tone deaf. But whatever, I'm tired of debating this point.

Fuente hasn't done his job adequately for the last few years. 2021 is, IMO, his last chance to show he can coach at a P5 level. Based on what I'm seeing and hearing, I have my doubts about his ability to deliver. That's it.

Gotta look at the whole picture though...

Overall Rank (1=Highest)  State Total Tax Burden Property Tax Burden Individual Income Tax Burden Total Sales & Excise Tax Burden
(%)  (%)  (%)  (%) 
1 New York 12.79% 4.40% 4.96% 3.43%
(6) (1) (22)
2 Hawaii 12.19% 2.45% 3.09% 6.65%
(35) (10) (1)
3 Vermont 10.75% 5.04% 2.41% 3.30%
(2) (22) (26)
4 Maine 10.50% 4.60% 2.45% 3.45%
(4) (21) (20)
5 Connecticut 10.44% 4.06% 3.56% 2.82%
(7) (6) (39)
6 Minnesota 9.99% 2.86% 3.68% 3.45%
(23) (5) (20)
7 New Jersey 9.98% 4.94% 2.47% 2.57%
(3) (20) (43)

ESPN is used in 247s composite, and the positional determination is a whole mix of things, hence guys like Jack Hollifield and Braden Moore have different positions listed when you click on different parts of the profile.

Now that 247 has been updated to include ESPN, Orji is a .88 borderline .89 QB - so ESPN might not matter, but it might, and it's all semantics anyway and we should just be happy we got the guy we did.

As someone who grew up there and who now only goes back for weddings and funerals I will say there are many reason why TX is better than CA but unfortunately those discussions violate CG...