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Nobody is saying the guy should be a slave to the program.

The issue is that this program is facing a lot of challenges and Fuente doesn't seem interested in showing that he's doing everything in his power to right the ship.


I don't want to deal with your cognitive dissonance anymore since I actually agree with most of what you're saying, just disagree with how misaligned your frustration is.

I'm going back to what I do best which is meme posts and innuendos.

in a vacuum you're completely right. But we're not in a vacuum. I personally don't care if Fuente likes to watch golf or not. I like to watch golf. But if I'm way behind on a project at work and my boss is expecting me to have it on his desk first thing Monday morning I'm not going to tell him that I'm not even close to being done but I'm gonna watch the Masters anyway. I keep that shi* to myself. I figure out a way to deliver and find little joys in life on the side.

The fact that Fuente said there is still a lot of work to do and then followed that up with his favorite week of the year is one in which he only has to work 3 days a week and can watch golf for the rest is tone deaf. The issue isn't that he likes golf...The issue is that this program is facing a lot of challenges and Fuente doesn't seem interested in showing that he's doing everything in his power to right the ship.

Heaven forbid he be winning above expectations in only his second year as the head whistle after inheriting what he did from Buzz. What a radical expectation to have of the head coach of our Men's Basketball Program.

Meanwhile, our big whistle in the Football program is in his... *checks notes* ...'second year/year two', or whatever nonsense it is we're calling it or Whit wants to call it, and he's talking about depth issues with the SECOND STRING, among other things. A problem that is entirely of his own devising at this point. If there are depth issues - then why shouldn't we be bitching about him not being out there recruiting 4-Stars? Take a look at his record, Fuente is rapidly approaching the hypothetical you propose there (being a .500 coach who's not recruiting well), without even bothering to be on Twitter, or doing any of the other glad-handing as well that usually comes along with the responsibilities of being the head coach of a P5 football team.

CMY's not eccentric in his behavior, he just 'gets' how to be the face of a program and owns it.

it's either that, or we're all analyzing, over-analyzing, and re-over-analyzing the shit out of every little thing he does say because that is ALL WE HAVE TO GO OFF OF. There are consequences to shutting everyone out of the program. Folks are going to be overly critical. Folks are going to over-analyze every tiny little morsel of information. I respect that he wants to protect the players, give them a safe space to hone their craft. That's legit. But the iron curtain treatment is overkill. Everything in moderation is a mantra that would serve him well. Let the media get some access, in moderation. Strike a happy balance. Provide your players with that safe space to work in private but also give the media some access at times.

I wonder if he's ever asked the players how they feel about the closed off practices? Are the players as concerned about working on their craft in private as Fuente might think? Would the players actually like to have an opportunity to impress the media, maybe see their names in the press for a great play they made at practice? Hear students around campus abuzz with hype over them for having performed well in practice?

They are cumbersome for load times and were being reused multiple times within a thread. Probably wouldn't be as bad now compared to the time around Early Signing Day/Signing Day when there's a ton of movement - but I get the decision.

I'm not here to defend Fuente, but this is overkill. The guy is trying to be aw-shucks-relatable-guy while being completely honest about the state of the team (two thinks every fan has asked him to do) and now he's getting hammered for not working the guys hard enough.

We're all frustrated with the state of the team, but I'm not making a big deal out of these comments.

I don't want to play the role of Fuente apologist because I agree with 95% of this point. We're not winning 10 games a year like we did during the peak of the Beamer era. We're not recruiting at a high enough level. Roster management is horrible. Those are the things that matter and we should be talking about. Not whether or not it's a good thing that Fuente likes golf. It's a pet peeve of mine when people complain about the things that don't matter.

This is the greatest week of the year," Fuente said. "We're in the middle of spring ball, the weather is great and we have the Masters in the spring, when it's supposed to be. For us coaches, this is living life. We get to practice three times this week and then watch the Masters. It's pretty cool."

sure, it's unrelated to the quote about how the gap between the ones and twos is too big.

Living life is when you only have to work 3 days a week even when there is a lot of work to do. I wish I could just work 3 days a week, watch the masters, and mail it in for ~$4 million a year. He's not wrong. That is living the life.

If he had come out and said "You know, I'm really please with how this team is progressing through Spring. Now we know who the ones are, those are set. The twos still have some work to do but we're making good progress and I'm happy with where they're headed"

And then the quote about the Masters

Then I would think, okay, spring is going well, the coaches deserve to enjoy this time. Obviously everyone is putting in work and the team is working to get better. That is acceptable.

But its a completely different animal when you say something like "We're just not where we need to be and the coaches and players still have a lot of work to do"

followed up by "I love this time of year. We get 3 practices (light load) and then we watch golf"

Like, WTF are you doing. You just said there is a ton of work to do. Why the hell aren't you trying to figure out how to get the players where they need to be with the time you have left?

Also to be fair im gonna tell the other guy that said "highly ranked" something. Hes a highly recuirt for us we been landing with a lot of 84-85 compostite ranked recuirts that a .88 compostite is pretty high for us

yeah, whatever. I think the optics are bad. He said the team isn't good enough to be successful. Then he said he loves spring because they have 3 practices and then he can watch golf. You're right, if he was winning 10 games I wouldn't care. But he's not winning 10 games. He's fresh off two losing seasons in a row, hasn't recruited well at all, has serious roster management issues in year 6, is already making excuses for why 2021 won't go well, and you're defending him because, why?

Wait a minute player. Kid a good athlete but I don't see him as a 300 QB rn unless his passing approves. I'm 70% positive he won't play a college snap a QB unless it's as a single wing play

And now we know why. Because the head coach wants to watch golf instead of fix the issues with his program. Issues, which, after 6 years, are completely his own doing.

I think a rational person doesn't believe this and it's a ridiculous conclusion to make based on an innocuous throwaway comment. He said he likes being at practice, good weather, and watching golf in the very little free time he has. But please, continue to bring out the pitchforks.

Didn't he say in the article that the coaches have to work on getting the depth to improve? Didn't he say that they would have that as a high priority?

It's almost like the Masters quote came from a completely different question that had nothing to do with the team depth and had to do entirely with how Fuente personally felt about enjoying spring practice.

The way you are interpreting this interview borders on fake news.

Sorry for not TKP'ing hard enough, and I don't want to reopen a can of worms if that was the case, but whats the reason for no embeds?

nobody is saying Fuente has to work 24/7/365. But the optics of saying our team isn't good enough to be successful so we're just gonna go watch golf now is, well, bad.

I don't care if Fuente enjoys watching the Masters. Really, the man should be able to enjoy things in life. But it really sucks when he comes out making pre-emptive excuses for 2021 and then immediately follows up with but we're just going to enjoy ourselves while we can because when the fall comes it's gonna get shitty. That's the message here. That's why people are upset about it. Nobody is saying the guy should be a slave to the program. We have all wondered why roster management has been such a challenge. We wonder why, in year 6, the offense has such a problem with depth that the head coach is openly concerned that we're not good enough to be successful. And now we know why. Because the head coach wants to watch golf instead of fix the issues with his program. Issues, which, after 6 years, are completely his own doing.