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Doeren insists on playing Creed in the locker room before games to "really get the guys jazzed"

Deablo deserves to stay healthy and have a great season! That guy has always had huge potential and shown major flashes of talent. It seems he has always been hampered by injuries or a defensive roster that has been less than cohesive and on the same page for numerous reasons. I hope all of that is avoided and we get see a full season of Deablo making plays.


Hudson over Nester isn't a surprise. Hudson was better than Nester last year despite the added burden of snapping the ball. I am surprised others are acting so shocked.

I worry about Jenkin's coverage ability. I am not sure how Hamilton handles secondary calls, but Dax will need to take a big step up on communication on the boundary if Hamilton retained Bud's system of making calls.

Fuente said Taylor would be needed right away. Chatman will need to play well to keep him off the field, despite his long speed limitations.

It would be very interesting to see if Adams or Wooten is the 5th DE. They will need to travel at least 11 DL, and DEs are more likely to play special teams than DTs.

Better hope Deablo stays healthy.

So does Bronco Mendenhall...wait, I'm gonna save this one for later

Dave Delorean was rooting for Patrick Reed in the US Open. And every other week he tees it up.

Dave thinks that strange wolf-like finger gesture some of his fans use is universally recognized.

This was a comment I made here a few weeks back. Fuente better know what he is doing. Only thing I would change at this point is NCSU instead of LOLUVA. What I do hate is that it seems Fuente has always had an easy excuse when the team has not performed. Jerod left, Jackson broke his leg, players left for NFL, transfers, dismissals, young defense, Bud's pending retirement, etc. Not saying Fuente has explicitly made these excuses or leaned on them, but he does at times use them to explain away certain shortcomings in expectations. And now, Covid and contact tracing will be the latest. We just need a clean look and a clean season with a seasoned roster. That is what fans want and I know it is what Fuente wants too. Frustrating!

Waiting for Koma's report, but this has been my single greatest concern with the offense this year. It certainly is not a bad problem to have multiple QBs capable of effectively running the offense, but if the situation is mismanaged it can lead to poor results. This is why Fuente is paid the big bucks. I'm certainly not jealous of the decisions he will have to make at QB throughout the season.

Looking back, wasn't it Motley that he used rather well to spell Jerod Evans at times. He managed that situation well, but that wasn't nearly as tricky as the decision he has upcoming. I think we can all agree that the switch to Hooker came too late last season. That said, he didn't wait too long to pull Willis for QP in the UNC game after Hooker got hurt. That whole game was a bit of a miracle.

Looking forward to seeing both QB's have a great day against LOLUVA.

I lived in Oregon for a year back in '76, and one day while driving near the coast we stopped in a little bar and grill for a pitcher of beer. We noticed folks with smoked salmon plates and crackers. Turns out the owner was an avid salmon fisherman and smoked his own there at the bar. Best salmon I've still ever eaten, and as I recall, we got a pitcher and a plate of the salmon for about $10. We went by a couple more times until the salmon was gone for the year. I moved back East before the next season, but will never forget how good that stuff was. Don't know what he did to make it so damn good, but I was too young and self absorbed to even try to find out. That was a bad move.