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Tyler Reddick waiting in the wings that entire race to take the lead, cleanly, was the best way for him to get his first W. Absolutely amazing run from him. Hope he can keep it up and hope RCR can keep him if he can.

Listening to The Rundown, sounds like that might have been Road America's swan song for Cup, at least this date. From what they're hearing, the Chicago street course is taking some serious legs for the 4th date next season.

All of the VT sports programs all seem to be on the up and up and hopefully football now as well (back to their glory days). The academic reputation is also there. That said I like the SEC as far as fit goes.

We turned down the SEC over a decade ago because Steger and the admin felt we were with our "academic peers" in the ACC and UVA 'fought' to get us in to begin with. The AD wasn't interested in competing in SEC football at the time. VT now thanks to Sands and the major momentum we have can really stand on its own academically now, and I have full faith that Whit will get the job done. We won't make the same mistake twice here.

Something else interesting - peep the last page of the early June BOV minutes. At the bottom of the survey, a recurring discussion theme listed was "Athletics - need to prepare for the time when the current model for intercollegiate athletics breaks so that we will have options" emphasis mine.

No doubt this has been discussed at the highest levels for a while now.

I 100% believe Whit has a plan. It might just be feelers or what-ifs right now, but he doesn't seem like a guy that likes being caught with his pants down, and the writing is on the wall for more changes.

I'm tired of rankings for the next year being released the week after the playoff is over and then those rankings being analyzed over and over and then become completely irrelevant 3 weeks in because half of the teams suck.

I hear you, but that's a topic for a different episode of "What Grinds My Gears". That has nothing to do with the structure of college football, and everything with these outlets needing to generate content on a quicker than daily basis. Same thing happens at all levels of all sports, and it would be happening whether CFB had the BCS, a 16 team playoff, or even the old pre-BCS days when there was no true national championship unless you lucked into #1 vs #2 in the same bowl game.

Fuck the super conferences. There, I've said it. Fuck them. The "blue bloods" can take their programs and create their NFL Jr. league where money is king and schools have literally sold their academic souls for a chance of being the national champion. I'd much rather those teams splinter and the other 100 schools in the FBS take a deep breath, step back from the edge, and create a new football division. One where salaries are capped, the number of assistants limited, and where the focus is on the game vs. TV deals. One where athletes can be compensated FAIRLY for their NIL by the University, not because some boosters got together to throw millions at them.

This division uses a similar model as the FCS, with 8 regional conferences of 12 teams each competing against each other and then a 16 team playoff at the end of the season to decide the national champion. VT ends up in a conference with Maryland, UVA, WVU, Marshall, NC State, Pitt, Louisville, App State, UNC, Duke, and Kentucky.

That's my pipe dream. I'm SOOO tired of having the playoff forced down our throats because ESPN has their own agenda. I'm tired of rankings for the next year being released the week after the playoff is over and then those rankings being analyzed over and over and then become completely irrelevant 3 weeks in because half of the teams suck.

Finished S4 and all in all was pretty stoked by the season in general. I'm not thrilled with the last 2 episodes being so long, especially where there were sections where they faded to black for a solid few seconds. That said, the way the three different plot lines were able to come together was dope. That's the one thing that I've enjoyed about Stranger Things is how much stuff gets thrown out there in the first few episodes and then it all gets woven back together.

I guess we'll just have to wait 3 years for the next season...

This right here. VT is far too valuable to be left out of realignment. The viewership numbers are there, and the conferences will no doubt do their homework.

I'm personally all for the SEC. The Big Ten is on the surface pretending that this is about academic reputation, what's best for the student athletes, etc. when this is about nothing except money. That is very disingenuous and I feel like in the B1G we would be in yet another smug league with institutions who will continue this lie that somehow athletics conferences have anything to do with academics.

Anybody check the school rankings of the SEC vs the Big Ten? They're honestly pretty comparable in the top half. Northwestern? Vandy. Michigan? Florida. Wisconsin? Illinois? Texas, Georgia. There's a lot of self-boasting going on with the Big Ten that isn't exactly warranted IMO. I also think the SEC would be a far better cultural fit as well. The SEC is big in rivalries and pageantry and I can see them really embracing and promoting the VT brand. I really think the SEC wants to expand their footprint into VA and NC, and plus that would set up geographic pods very neatly. A cross country conference like the Big Ten is trying is going to be a nightmare in travel costs and will probably end up like a merged Pac 12/Big Ten anyhow.

When the SEC courted VT last time, nearly every administrator at SEC schools identified VT as their ideal expansion target. Im willing to bet a lot of those feelings are still present with SEC brass.

It truly was. What an absolutely great race. With racing resumed after the yellow flag my dad and I were on our feet yelling at the TV.

While I believe that Ferrari botched the job, I don't think that the race would have gone much better for Charles even if they'd brought him in under the yellow flag. I think Merc would have kept Hamilton out and then had him defend vs. chase.

Checo is proving race after race why he deserves that seat with Red Bull. He's been driving lights out this season and is a great partner for Max.

Wondering if Merc finally has gotten their stuff together. I'm sure it was inevitable with as big of an organization as it is, but still wishing they'd been replaced by one of the other constructors in the #3 spot.

Gotta love him, but Danny Ric is a dead man walking at this point. I feel bad that Lando is driving the #4 car and won't be able to compete at all.

While I don't think there were any doubters, I think Zhou's incident as well as the F2 incident earlier in the day prove the halo's effectiveness. The rest of the race was bonkers and absolutely amazing.

We'll see what happens at the French GP. I won't believe anything that Merc says until its been proven true.

Aside from having to recover from staring at a neon blue bug light for an hour I can finally see again and gotta say the rumor that this was the final episodes was a big blue balls by Netflix.

Don't see why they couldn't have legit had him killed there and gotta wonder what they will do in season 5 that's any different from 4

I know a lot of people are freaking out after the USC and UCLA moves. But I'll say this:

If you LOVE the ACC and want to see the conference stay intact exactly as it is, you should probably be worried.

However, if you are worried about Virginia Tech ultimately being left out of a major conference, don't be. VT is far too valuable of a brand to be left out. We would be a cultural and geographic fit for either the Big 10 or SEC, and we would make either of those conferences better. Assuming this ends up being a two super conference landscape (and I'm not convinced it will), VT will probably get to choose its conference.

From the 247 article

"I chose Virginia Tech because I wanted to be a part of a family that will push me to become a better man in life and a family that I know will be by my side all the way through the process of development."

I haven't even met the guy and brent pry has me ready to run through a brick wall lol

This might be more indicative of each coach's out of state recruiting territories. I think I've seen Jones post on twitter that SC is his territory. Believe his mom lives down there so he's posted about being able to see her

This would be a huge get for the staff. We could really use this guys talent. Does scare me that UVA isn't in there now. They may play a factor later on if they get serious

If it's going to be 2 conferences and everyone else, SEC and BIG kick out bottom feeders and invite in the remaining top programs to make 20 team conferences. With 10 game conference schedules, each team meets every other year. Every game will be a marquee matchup worth watching.

Create an 8 team playoff by have 2 conference championship games in each conference. Have the 4 winners seed the current playoff. For bowl games, the remaining elite bowls will match SEC vs BIG.

For non power conference teams, the goal is to become strong enough to eventually take a spot from a then bottom feeder.