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Tech did a poor job of recruiting to positional needs from like 2014-16. It led to a lot of attrition and very young teams with little experience. It seems like the new staff Fuente has is doing a better job of roster management.

Okay, sure, you don't want to wear a mask at work. I get it. There's virtually no one there to infect anyway. Are you opposed to wearing it when it comes to other parts of your life, like grocery shopping? I can't tell from your arguments whether you are fully anti-mask and using the example of your work place to justify it, or only anti-mask at your particular place of work.

Why I'm asking is because most people are not in your category when it comes to workplaces. They have close interactions with other people. If you want to reopen, PPE must be incorporated somehow. It's not logical to think the state can make different exceptions for every type of workplace. It is just a mask - a piece of material that covers your nose and mouth. I do not see what the big deal is.

Article: Pat Fitzgerald expects to see a spike in recruiting decommitments this year

College football coaches have been forced to get creative on the recruiting trail. Apparently, for some, that means adding a little extra pressure to recruits to commit earlier than they previously would.

According to Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald, that increased pressure will lead to numerous decommitments with the 2021 recruiting class.

The inability to visit campus and meet with coaches face to face during this time has really altered things from a recruiting perspective. And Fitzgerald believes it's going to result in several players decommitting when the limitations are eliminated.

I'm personally fascinated by the potential impact COVID-19 will have on this (and possibly the following) recruiting class. I think that, across college football, we'll see a spike in:

  • Decommitments, flips and general craziness leading up to ESP and NSD
  • Missed evals, resulting in a bunch of both overrated and underrated players
  • Transfers in future seasons

Fuente & Co. have the chance to be on the winning side of this - For the first time in the past decade, it's legitimately possible to 'out-scout' opponents. Beyond that, it's going to be more important than ever to keep in touch with with recruits who have committed elsewhere (assuming they're still in good standing with the staff) while also continuing to recruit kids who are already committed (making sure they don't leave).

Snagged a few bluefish this morning on a big stingsilver solid advice as always. That said my smallmouth setups a bit small for chucking them.

but any potential retail employees in the front of the house should be wearing masks, point blank.

There is already an explicit rule that covers them.

Reba, The Judds, Randy Travis, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, and Clint Black actually made country music bearable for awhile during the 80's.

Yea, $25k is relatively inconsequential for a coach, given that it's typically <1% of his base salary.

When used correctly, a performance bonus doesn't just to motivate the employee; it's also mitigates risk for the employer in the event the employee under performs. Personally, I would love to see coaches' salaries in the $1M-$2M range, but with a bonus structure that could double (or triple, or more) total take home pay after hitting certain goals (10 win season, top 25 recruiting, NY6 Bowl, Conference championship, etc).

I understand your frustration, but was the mask requirement supposed to carve out every possible scenario with precision? Obviously your situation sounds different than most and I doubt one of the two other guys in your 20,000 sqft space is going to report you if you decide not to wear a mask, but any potential retail employees in the front of the house should be wearing masks, point blank.

Somebody doesn't like harmony. "Hold Me" by Fleetwood Mac is a quintessential 80's song and one of the more shining examples of harmony in the era. Bonus... They made a video for the song that was soooo 80's.

(Non 80's - Rumours, dude. It's one of the best albums of all time.)

"80s hair metal (with a very few exceptions), Journey, Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac= insufferable. I would rather listen to Bobby McFarrin "Don't Worry Be Happy" for 10 hours than a single Fleetwood Mac song."

Dude you need to just stick to sports, all other areas of life seem to be outside you level of expertise lol

Yes, and in general almost everyone in a public situation can be a dangers to others with regards to this virus. So in general, wear a mask.

Before the thread goes off the rails with everyone's mask debate, let me remind the community that the main purpose of these threads is informational. The governor has ordered facial coverings in public based on an assessment that the net benefit to the community's health outweighs other concerns. That's pretty much all that's worth saying.

There's a reason why I said in general. As for the attitude I detest, it's people who refuse to wear a mask because they themselves are not in "high risk" categories. Not because their specific circumstances may eliminate the need for a mask.

What conditions would limit someone from wearing a mask? Unless you have a health reason restricting you, how in the wide world of small asks is wearing a mask an overly cumbersome request? Doesn't limiting the spread of a virus with no proven treatment/vaccine offset any minor inconvenience to you personally?

it's about as useful as a crocheted mask

Wear a damn mask if you can be a danger to others and be respectful of them, knowing you cannot know their circumstances.

If only there had been a plan of attack in place to deal with a crisis. One that would have detailed out steps to take, how to address issues, present a unified front with detailed information to the public....if only...

And just because hasty mistakes were made months ago doesn't mean that hasty mistakes now offset them or do away with what occured before.

Do you really expect that people would do what is necessary to protect the elderly in a full reopen when they're not even doing that now? I mean, if everybody were wearing masks right now, I'd think that might have a possibility of working. But since they're not, then that plan wouldn't work, and you're looking at 3.3 million deaths (1% of 330 million) at a low-end figure; it would be higher due to hospital overcrowding.