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If you're gonna talk about cultural fit, VT is way, way closer to being a B1G school than an SEC school

I thought the same (that there was further news about conference expansion). I'm pretty sure it's just a spinoff thread from the original OU/Texas outreach news.

I'm convinced that everyone comparing this to the European super league didn't actually understand the European super league

Scavenger hunt with current players and recruits on campus. Payoute won with Ramon Brown, his brother and Mega Barnwell.

To jump on your soccer comparison this all seems very similar to the doomed European Super League that was brought down by the fans. The SEC is going to create an exclusive league of financially superior teams. There will be a lot more teams left on the outside looking in that will become irrelevant in the near future.

It's not just that it's unprecedented, but it also feels irreversible.

IF the rumored changes happen, I think best case scenario is a 'champions league' relegation/promotion format, but I'm not sure that could happen in American sports. Even if it did, I'm not sure CFB could stay weird, which would be disappointing.

Exactly. This staff is developing good players into great players.

Jeopardy! Time
Answer: These 3 Hokies had 247 composite ratings of 0.8676, 0.8276, and unranked.

Question: Who are Nahiem Alleyne, Hunter Cattoor, and Keve Aluma?

Mike Young's way works. Now, imagine plugging in bigger, faster, stronger, more athletic prospects from the jump. Just imagine a future Virginia Tech starting 5 that takes

Darius Maddox (0.9534)
Lynn Kidd (0.9559)
Sean Pedulla (0.9244)
MJ Collins (0.9309)

and adds some combination of

Rodney Rice (0.9772)
Tyler Nickel (0.9664)
Braden Huff (91 (247 ranking))
Noah Clowney (0.9689)
Patrick Wessler (0.8894)

I'm not sure what the ceiling is for that kind of lineup, but the floor would be the Round of 32.

I mean, what the fans want now Has no bearing on things, but if a lot of fans tune out (I think they eventually would if there was a 20 team blue blood league), then it matters.

Maybe we should change the title of this thread to ACC HAVE A BETTER PLAN

I definitely think someone big is about to play out. I'm hoping that VT administration is tuned in and actively monitoring this. I think it's likely we head toward two super conferences, those being the B1G and SEC, and they come in and absorb ACC and Big 12 schools. Curious what will happen to USC and some of the west coast powers in all of this. If the SEC wants to get to 20, from a geographic and cultural standpoint, it makes a load of sense to make a run at Clemson, FSU, VT, and NC State. That also gets them the mid Atlantic exposure with VA and NC. UNC I feel would align themselves with Duke and UVA, and NC State would be a great target and could get out of UNC's shadow. I don't think there's any chance the SEC gets Ohio State and Michigan as has been rumored. Just doesn't seem like a cultural fit, and most likely they remain in the B1G as the other super conference. B1G then grabs Kansas and Iowa State, also potentially makes a run at UVa UNC and Duke, perhaps also makes a run at ND to round things out at 20.

However this plays out, if we go to two super conferences, I hope we land in one of those two boats, but preferably in the SEC with our more geographic peers.

The USA Men actually won the 2019 FIBA 3x3 World Cup, which SHOULD have directly qualified them for the Olympics. But due to FIBA's convoluted 3x3 rankings, the US Men and Women both had to attend the FIBA 3x3 qualifying tournament earlier this year and finish in the top 3 to qualify for Tokyo.

The US Women easily finished in the top 3 and the US Men actually did pretty well by winning their pool. But they suffered a quarterfinal loss to the Netherlands, which knocked them out of the Olympics. So long story short, the US Men had one bad game that cost them a shot at Tokyo.

Lol so you want ND to run train on Pitt, Syracuse, and BC annually? There's no point in adding ND to the conference just to make them play 3* built in bum-ass games every year.