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In 1976, I don't remember anyone intentionally wanting to go to Bend. But it was definitely uptown compared to Burns.

Our HS biology class camped at the State Park in Bend along the Deschutes. That was a good trip...

Software as a Service. That is where pretty much all large tech companies are trying to be. If you can get that recurring monthly payment then you don't have to innovate has quickly because you have that steady income. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft buys another studio next year. They need to be able to offer a big enough library for users to see value in the service. They are padding the vault with these IPs and future planning with the studios.

I don't feel like they will be mostly exclusives in the future, however I feel they plan on the fact that you would have to buy the game individually on other platforms. PS5 games are 70 bucks and that is a couple months of Game Pass with access to more than just that 1 game. I feel they will press this point to sell Game Pass.

I'm not a huge fan of the way most companies are SaaS or on their way there because consumers don't really own anything anymore. If you do then there is planned lifespans for the hardware so you need to buy new hardware. It is just so anti-consumer but people don't seem to care about it.

yeah it was rowdy for sure. Bored, mostly freshmen, and in a dorm prohibitively far from anyone not under curfew made for some interesting times. My RA was a sophomore who got fired because he was caught using a fake id to buy a keg for a party he was hosting on the first floor for all his residents (again, mostly freshmen).

Then they let slip that everything was going to be gutted and renovated over the following summer so then every weekend's party included trashing something that maintenance wasn't going to waste time fixing: ceiling tiles, doors, vanities, etc. It was pretty wrecked by the time I moved out in May.

Wife and I moved there in the Spring of '76 after we graduated VT. Lived in Springfield, worked at the Eugene Mall. Stayed a year, but never could find decent work, so I limped home. Met some really cool people. Used to drive by Ken Kesey's farm on our way to the coast and the old bus from his wild days was parked in a field by the road. My extreme poverty pretty much put a damper on my life there, and my biggest regret was never getting over to Bend.

It's hard enough trying to convince college aged males to wear a condom, let alone teach them to not intermingle with the rest of the student body.

I don't find your opinion overrated, I find it baseless and therefore, not worthy of consideration at all.

not to get all metaphysical, but isn't the natural conclusion of this that nobody can ever really know anything? I think GOT was overrated and you think that conclusion is overrated because i never watched it.

We don't know much about you, but we'd like to go ahead and offer you a fulltime position here as one of our 25 Notre Dame commentators. Please consider.

At this point, we're going to crown a national champion from two teams that played the most games facing off in the Papa John's Hunger Games Bowl. Last man physically standing wins the crown.

Both teams have a bye scheduled the following week (Oct 3).

So, either they just push the game a week, or ND leans into the bye week to get an extra week to recover and it only looks like they missed one week.

Notre Dame's players clearly don't care about the game of football or else this would have never happened.

How NC State runs the ball, and my perceived flaw in that scheme. Where VT can have the most success against their defense. What past VT game to watch to give you the best idea of what their D looks like...