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A coaching hire is going to reset the clock for another 3 to 5 years.

As will a 40th ranked recruiting class and anything less than 9 wins (bc of this schedule) with this current staff, which would make selling to 2021 and beyond recruits that much more challenging.

What P5 Teams have successfully turned around recruiting with a coaching hire and sustained that success? We all want the same thing and it must be easy to do so there must be loads of examples.

No one claimed it was easy, it is not. However, that doesn't mean we the program must remain idle and be destined to accept 8-4 or 7-5 seasons and Independence Bowls, just hoping that 'year n+1 is when we really get it going.' Fuente struggles to recruit, and it is unfortunate that our past staff hires haven't acknowledged those shortcomings, especially when there budget that hasn't always been fully utilized.

Chris Petersen completely turned around Washington, Matt Campbell has done a good job at Iowa St thus far, Jeff Brohm already has Purdue in a winning and recruiting situation they haven't been in in 20+ years, it is early but Mario Cristobal has Oregon on a much better trajectory both on the field and in recruiting...

While we may not be able to afford a guy like Petersen now, VT could have afforded to give any of those coaches a shot prior their current HC stints and performance. It is hard, but not an impossibility.

Nope, this was a 5 minute google because I work a 9-5 and cannot be assed to give a quarterly report on this. These were guys that I feel most know (Hansen is probably the exception) who have been big impact players for VT.

Here's another:

One P5 offer from Stanford. There are tons of examples. I even said in my post that these miss more often than not, but starting with a healthy pool of players yields some diamonds. I could pull a of 4* or 3* with multiple P5 offers who never panned out as well. This is mostly noise, not signal.

Edit: And where does 3+ years contributing come into the argument? Devon Hunter still hasn't been a big impact as a near 5* so he will be 2 year contributor at best. Joey Slye is the all time points leader.

Here is another 3* no other P5 offers I think most agree is decent:

Leaving. That's the only time I've ever prodded for info and there was none.

Queue Cue (?) JackSnow or whatever his name is with his Motu hot take.

they have "graduated high school as seniors" by doing 4 years of coursework in 3 years. That puts them a year younger age-wise when they enroll than the typical college freshman

VPI's picture VPI | John Ojiako has committed to VTBB | 1 reply | commented 1 hour 35 min ago | reply

As I understand it, each of these reclassifying players have graduated high school as seniors, and were going to take an additional prep year to boost their rankings and offers for 2020 - instead of a 3* ranking in 2019, they would be 4* in 2020.

So they are physically and mentally ready - but they are still freshman, and not one-and-done freshmen who will immediately light up the league.

Hopefully they'll develop well over the year with playing time and good coaching.

As was mentioned above, I don't understand this response. What is 13/25? Half of what teams every year? Kentucky having a single better season than FSU is not an outlier?

If the point you're trying to make is that recruiting rankings don't matter, we've got different definitions of success and what an 'outlier' is. Utah State had a good year and sneaked into the final rankings. That doesn't make them a better program than Florida State or Virginia Tech

A coaching hire is going to reset the clock for another 3 to 5 years. If programs would be as patient with the current guy as the next guy, real growth would occur versus a flashy "fix" of a coaching transition.

Guys with exceptional coaching and recruiting strengths are not on the shelf. If they are, we would be competing with deeper pockets for their services.

What P5 Teams have successfully turned around recruiting with a coaching hire and sustained that success? We all want the same thing and it must be easy to do so there must be loads of examples.

heuplek's picture heuplek | June 2019 Fishing Thread | commented 1 hour 58 min ago | reply

Absolutely. I think the only rules the tournaments I've seen have had was that you had to use the rod and reel. Most people put some sort of braid on, I've seen a couple power handles installed. I'm waiting for someone to go for a complete bearing upgrade.

Musky's picture Musky | June 2019 Fishing Thread | 1 reply | commented 2 hours 3 min ago | reply

Mine is a Frozen rod. Acceptable?

heuplek's picture heuplek | June 2019 Fishing Thread | 1 reply | commented 2 hours 6 min ago | reply

Which is exactly like cash except cash is more widely accepted, that's not at all what sets crypto apart. The value of cash is based solely on the belief that it holds value to other people.

Each coin (except for the balloon of shit coins that really didn't add anything) usually has something it does better than another. The whole market of BitCoin was super secure and anonymous transactions. You have ETH, which sped up transaction times, IOTA which gets rid of fees and is marketed for smaller transactions.

BitCoin has grown to the point that there are quite a few in person and online shops that will accept bitcoin.

My brother hit pretty big on crypto, still to this day kick myself for telling him I don't have any money to risk on a stupid coin and don't have any cpu to dedicate to mining....I will now not retire at 41 and he quit his job

Horkie's picture Horkie | OT: Summer Games Done Quick | commented 2 hours 7 min ago | reply

Just bumping this as a reminder that the event starts this Sunday.

Finally looked at the schedule with my favorites I want to see are Final DOOM, DKC 2, Majora's Mask, Chrono Trigger, Pokemon Crystal (first time seeing Crystal being run), and OCTOPATH Traveler.

indridcold's picture indridcold | June 2019 Fishing Thread | commented 2 hours 18 min ago | reply

So I don't think the New River will ever be back to normal this year. As soon as it seems to be turning back to semi chocolate milk we get torrential downpours for 2 days straight. If we could all stop planning fishing/camping weekends I think it would keep the rain gods on their toes.

If any one wants to catch some giant stockers Crooked Creek in Carrol County is having an event and also Big Tumbling back home in Saltville.

Maybe fast is the wrong word...maybe I should say he gets open...even on that catch against UVA he was open early...

Also, every Sunday, I watch "slow" Greg Olsen get open for the Panthers...

Mike Giaccalone

Sounds like a character from jersey shore.

It would suck to lose KBJ but I'd rather him go to UK if he leaves. At least he's moving out of the ACC and to one of the preeminent programs in college basketball. In all of the scenarios where he leaves, that the best case for us.

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Its a "Crypto Currency", meaning (among other things) that it really holds no true value since the value is solely based on how it is being traded.

However, two people I know in NC became multi millionaires (my age) because they spent a few $$ on it 10 years ago when it was less than $100 per bitcoin. They sold it when it got up around $20,000 per bitcoin.

You mean him coming to Tech or him leaving?

I'm sure he will make an impression.