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"it never has been" is not completely true. I watched it on-line several times before we moved to Blacksburg. Meanwhile, I THOUGHT I had posted this in reply to NOVA-HOKIE's comment, but it ended up as a new one. Sorry for any confusion it caused anyone.

I don't think we need multiple Orjis. However, if he can bring some of his friends to the Orji show at VT, I won't complain.

I would also add that most people watch golf in the background or in snippets. I highly doubt the coaches will be glued to the TV for the whole tourney.

I agree with this. After last year, many of us who would otherwise hardly watch the Masters would just be glad to glance at the TV a couple of times to see the beautifully manicured fairways, greens and azaleas at Augusta, along with an occasional tee shot or approach shot, knowing that a return to some normalcy somewhere has occurred, and be comforted by that.

I love gambling. I am also horrible at money management and it drives my wife insane.

She does not appreciate when I tell her they print more of it every day. I imagine my view of money and gambling go hand in hand. I rarely get stressed about it even when the situation calls for it. Maybe a blessing and a curse?

As mentioned above, in California the law is such that the police need to actually observe the offense in the road. (Or if there are witnesses to an accident, like a two car collision...the driver that was hit is the witness)

For example, a few Cali cities have set up those automated speeding cameras, but the courts have ruled multiple times that tickets issued by those are not enforceable because of the way the law is currently.

I've driven along the 8 and the 10 from Phoenix to Carlsbad and Laguna Beach a dozen times+ and could count on one hand the times I saw CHiP cars during those trips.

The stock market is not gambling. The market is a means to exchange ownership rights of public companies. The subsequent appreciation or depreciation of those ownership over time is a secondary effect. Gambling involves no ownership. It is just a binary zero-sum bet on a singular event. It is true that people can gamble using the stock market but it is false to say because some people gamble using the stock market any participation in the market is gambling.

I hear you but I don't think our goal should be to emulate Pitt and have a team full of average D-1 players with a rare diamond in the rough.

I'm always going to love and support any kid who choses the Hokies, but we should be aiming way higher than we are at the moment (this is not a comment that is directly related to Alex Orji - I'm glad he is a Hokie!).

The stock market is gambling. This counts. It's not sports gambling, but it's gambling. You can even get a bit risky and hedge your bets against a stock and make bank.

If I understood either sports gambling or stocks any bit better, I'd gamble some money. But right now, it's like translating ancient languages into English.

Can we just be happy that we have a commitment from a guy with 9 other P5 offers? I know the naysayers will argue "but were they committable?" It doesn't matter because he committed to us

That episode 4 ending was easily the darkest moment of the MCU so far. I was shocked that Marvel took it that far. My jaw dropped when Walker brutally murdered that guy. Walker is a perfect example of the danger of super powered humans pose Zemo has been warning against. Marvel has made Zemo a 100 times more relatable in this series. These Disney+ Marvel shows have been phenomenal.

I think they'll end at 65%+ winning percentage in the ACC this year. Considering the league and the sport it's very impressive. In pro baseball if you win more than 61% of your games you have home field advantage throughout the playoffs as a 100 win team. I don't think they scheduled a bunch of cream puffs

Could easily be 14-5 in the acc but we dropped some late leads. But hey 12-7 is good espically since we have the solo lead in the coastal rn

Lol we gonna get this in tonight? Will be 12:30 at least before the track is dry.

Today's episode was muuuuuuuuch better. Kept me fully engaged right up until the end.

So walker just went full on villain? Or, I wonder, if he'll go vigilante like punisher.