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C' you are just dissecting every comment to the fifth degree and playing games with semantics.

The issue is that we are losing valuable Recruiting targets recurrently----that is a systemic problem for the Football Program. The strategy we are using to Recruit is not working well as judged by the results that we have gotten--that suggests a systematic problem. There is no other result to judge success in recruiting by other than commitments to your Program.

The current Staff is not successfully getting enough commitments from the prospects we are targeting, period.

Nice Twitter comments from dads, being a "real close" 2nd place, #[insertStateHere]2VT tags on Twitter, and hopes for flipping current targets that are leaning elsewhere don't really amount to much.

Also, as an aside, in Medicine a Systemic problem almost always would refer to a process that involves multiple organ systems and in most circumstances has some relation to elements of the circulatory system (Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Autoimmune disorders, ect). There is no scenario I can think of in which Hamstring problem would be considered a systemic issue.

No need to go real big on the treble, as I recall we did best on smaller/medium ones, and we did tie a short heavy mono leader to help keep from them biting off. We would drift a couple behind the boat as we drifted casting for crappies and white bass, but did best when we found them in shallower water either feeding or spawning, or whatever had them rolling around.

May and neither you nor I nor anyone else has seen "potential targets of ours sign elsewhere".

A non-inclusive list of VT Prospects that have verballed elsewhere in the last 2 months alone--
-A. Beavers -P. Riley -K. Edmonds -B. Campbell -D. Crowdus -A. Mitchell -F. Garza - D. Davis

Is there a possibility that there will be mass decomittments over the Summer and a massive return of open Recruitments?

Sure, but that is completely and entirely speculative. Even if it does happen, what about anything from the past 2 years of Recruiting makes you believe that VT is going to be in a strong position to capitalize on this theoretical wave of decomittments and Re-Opening of Recruitments that may or may not actually occur?

Which particular players do you think we have a shot at that are going to raise this class 30 spots in the Rankings?

Yes, we legitimately flipped Doug Nester in 2019. Yes, that was impressive.
Since that time we have had:
-An SI Article that laid-out in detail how incredibly toxic the VT Locker Room was
-Got our doors blown off by Duke and created the "Its just so bad" Herbstreit Internet meme
-Had a completely and inexcusably underwhelming 2020 Recruiting Class
-Main headline of the Offseason was Head Coach having public flirtation with Baylor job
-Had our Headline recruit of 2021 Decommit and spill out very unflattering public comments on his way out the door

None of those things are going to help with Recruiting over the next 6-7 months. None. Our chance to rectify this class lies in one thing: absolutely killing it on the field in 2020. If we can do that, maybe just maybe, we can turn enough positive momentum to pull in some guys that we simply don't currently have in our sights (nor do they have us).

But relying on COVID and the chaos that it has created to somehow work in our favor and fix where the '21 class has gone bad so far is really grasping at some straws.

Appreciate that. We didn't have kids, so for us, dogs are as close as we'll get. Down to one pet now for the first time in over 40 years, but it was time as we are nearing the end of our journey as well.
The virus made it even worse, weren't allowed to go in with her for the end but we needed to do it then for all of our sakes, so it was even more emotional than ever.

Saw an article about them getting loaded up...they had to "air hug" their wives and kids due to social distancing protocol.....I could not imagine getting ready to get strapped to a rocket and shot into outer space and not even be able to hug my fam

I tend to think of "systematic problems" as not being "all-encompassing". A systematic problem is one where we keep losing out on a specific profile of recruit -- stud RBs, for instance. If we had specific problems recruiting a certain region -- systemic problem. but to say "We lost Antwaun Powell to UF and Troy Everett to App St therefore there are systemic issues" doesn't make any sense to me. Unless the "systemic issue" is that there is a common behind the scenes staffer, i'm not sure calling it a systemic problem makes sense to me

I pulled my hamstring and got gastroenteritis in the same year -- not a "systemic problem". Then I kept pulling the same hamstring, and then I sprained my knee from continuing to shuffle through the tweaked hamstring on a soccer field -- that to me is a systemic issue.

Sleeping on the job is actually based in reality. Gordon Cooper fell asleep in his Faith 7 capsule during countdown prior to launch of what would end up being the last launch of the Mercury program. Funny sequence in The Right Stuff regarding it.