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Totally agree, this depends on a lot of arrangements colliding. I just think its more likely in VA than NC.

I'm in your camp.

The only thing I see that threatens the GOR for football would be top tier football leaving the NCAA, or a significant restructure w/in the NCAA.

That wouldn't automatically break a conference GOR or TV deal, but a lot of it might get revisited depending on the extent of the impact on conference members.

TBH if UVA and VT both had separate dating partners with agreements in place, I could see VA being ok with it.

I agree with this in theory, but I'm not sure how doable/practical that is. You have two schools negotiating with two different conferences. Not only do the schools need to get accepted, but, in order for their mutual stakeholders (state politicians) to be okay with either school moving, the second school has to also have a landing spot.

Basically, I'm saying that there is a timing issue here - suppose that VT is granted access to the SEC, but UVA is still 'under consideration' from the B10 with no obvious timeline for approval - will VA politicians support the move, or will little brother be a ball and chain (potentially causing us to miss a narrow window)?

(replying to you both with this)

I kind of agree that splitting up VT/UVA and UNC/NCSU/Duke is definitely not what either state wants to see happen, but at the same time as long as scheduling arrangements can be made to ensure they keep playing once a year during rivalry week, that kind of a split could work as long as each school is taken care of. When push comes to shove, I can see Duke being left out in lieu of them ending up in the premier basketball conference (Big East), and letting that be that.

If the Big Ten is willing to relax a bit on their AAU requirements (which aren't documented as being necessary so much as its just something that's always been there when teams have been invited), I could see them going big baller and taking ND, UNC, GT. UVa, NCSU, VT, Oregon, and Washington. Locks the SEC out of the mid-Atlantic and gets them to 24 where you could run 4 divisions of 6 teams.

I'm not either, but they're making big strides and we'll see what happens at the French GP.

I still don't think that Chucky could have done better than 3rd if he'd pitted with the SC. Hamilton would have stayed out and you would have ended up with Hamilton, Charles, Sainz, Perez. Charles would have been holding up Sainz and Perez and just hanging with the Merc but as soon as DRS was enabled Perez would have been pushing to get past them both.

TBH if UVA and VT both had separate dating partners with agreements in place, I could see VA being ok with it. But ya, if UVA was left out to dry or VT I doubt it would fly. NC I could see the same but that is so much dirtier because of the UNC-Duke relationship.

Feels too neat and tidy to actually happen haha

TBH, I can't see Florida being okay with the SEC absorbing 2 other schools in their state. SCar definitely will try to fight adding Clemson, but I'm not sure how much sway they will have. I also can't see public universities in both North Carolina and Virginia seperating.

All that said, this situation is so unprecidented; past norms may be out the window.

yes, this is what I meant. Either league and travel costs aren't really an issues for the team. But I'm thinking about me going to games as a fan. I'm much closer to most of the SEC schools than I am to any of the B1G schools. Travel costs for the fans might be an important consideration. Especially if a league is looking to add a team that has fans who travel well.

Here's the icing on the cake about Grant of Rights....

Good job, Swofford.

The current GOR was agreed to in 2013 after the inclusion of ND to the ACC in most sports other than football (which are included in the GOR) and included ND scheduling five games with ACC schools each year.

If Notre Dame does not remain a member of the ACC through 2036, why isn't the GOR void for the remaining schools? That would be substantially different than the one agreed to in 2013.

Right - how many times did we have a "big" recruiting weekend, supposedly lots of "silent commits" and then crickets for weeks after that followed by targets going elsewhere?

He stopped the car, said "I'm out" on the radio. Left the car to check on zhou (which he didn't, he just stood there) went back to the car, saw he might actually be able to drive it, couldn't get it started. So no, he should not have been allowed back in the race

South Carolina HS football is pretty solid, but not as good as it was in the 2000's. I'm not familiar with who Powdersville actually plays, because that high school didn't exist when I was in HS. I do know they are 3A though which is 2 levels off the top (5A). For reference, it appears Powdersville HS has just under 1k enrollment. The high school I went to in the highest division had almost 2k kids.

What I think actually happens:

to B1G - UNC, UVa, GT, ND
to SEC - Clemson, FSU, VT, NCSU, Miami
to Big East - WF, Duke, BC, Cuse
to Big XII - Pitt, UofL

I could see Syracuse maybe try to go to the Big XII with Pitt, but I think there's a decent chance they just go Independent in football and join Duke in the Big East for basketball. I think UVa and UNC go together to preserve "the oldest rivalry in the south", and the SEC gladly takes VT and NCSU to get those markets. FSU demands that Miami is brought as well, but the SEC has to be convinced to make it happen.

From everyone else, I'm not sure the SEC has any desire to go further west than Texas. For the Big Ten, I think Oregon and Washington are on the table, maybe Arizona as well. Everyone else has already been picked over, so this might end it.

We end up with

Big Ten (21 teams)
Georgia Tech
Michigan State
North Carolina
Ohio State
Penn State
Southern Cal

SEC (21 teams)
Florida State
Louisiana State
Mississippi State
North Carolina State
South Carolina
Texas A&M
Virginia Tech

Yeah, we seem to be recruiting height at pretty much every position on defense. He's pretty short for a corner (& pretty light for a safety). Looks like a perfect fit at the slot - especially since he's a track guy too.

Like his tape a lot. Has vision and patience as a runner. Does a good job of letting downfield blocks develop and finding holes - essential for a slot receiver/pass-catching back. Nice forward lean, finishes runs. Needs to get stronger (which he will) but doesn't seem like a guy that can pack on a lot of weight. Seems to play bigger than his measurements indicate. Which, at 5'10"/180, prob works better as a scat back/slot guy than anywhere on D.

Seems a logical candidate for some return game work as well.


40-50 is not NFL lite, especially with how the filter works. Go look at 50th best recruiting. Imagine if the Jaguars had at best, a shot in the dark on a player instead of bonafide top shelf talent. That is college to the NFL difference.