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Noah built the Ark in the parking lot of a NASCAR race

Whole lotta rain coming thru. Martinsville races and rain go together like Cornelson and Jet Sweeps.

was there for the modifieds on Thursday
watching Friday and Saturday on TV

You know what? Our second team may truly suck. Or they might be fine. No way I'd make a judgment based on a coach using a press conference to motivate his players. I'd be more concerned if he said "Second team is great. They should all take the summer off".

As for tone, if he limited himself to only saying stuff that wouldn't piss off the folks who already hate him, he'd never say anything.

Broke a shock I think and dragging the front splitter.

Enjoying my bag of pickled eggs and half gallon of tea. Ready for hotdog insomnia later.

Two hot dogs down during the pre-race. The jet dryers make for a beautiful tool to cool the food down.