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I think best case scenario for us is some combination of GT/UNC/FSU/Clemson/UVA to big 10 and VT/NC St to the SEC. I don't know how SEC schools would feel about having a second in state SEC school. It's tough to see GT/FSU/Clemson getting an offer IMO. I don't know how Miami fits in here since they are private.

SEC would be absolutely AWESOME for me. I would have no issue attending games in Columbia, Athens, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Knoxville, etc. I could make occasional trips to Baton Rouge, maybe hit the Grove up, or head to Gainesville too. All of those are drivable options.

I have similar concerns. I think the only way to get out of the GoR is if multiple schools leave at once. I think (speculating here) it would need to be at least 4 schools leaving at once.

I think for fan travel reasons SEC would be better. I think there are more likely more VT alumni in the South East than in the Mid West and North East (I have zero data to support that, just my guess).

For me being in Dallas if we could play in Norman or Austin those are both within driving distance for me, so I am all for that.

Here is something that I've not seen other folks mention (including the "we talked to a lawyer" article on the Athletic) re: the Grant of Rights:

A school (for our sake, let's hope its VT) could leave and simply not pay. Then, when what's left of the ACC seeks to collect, you argue that the GOR clause is an unenforceable penalty rather than a liquidated damages clause designed to be a "best guess" of damages that are difficult to foresee/calculate in advance.

Basically, the argument is that this GOR clause was not done to protect the ACC or allow the conference to recover damages actually incurred from a school's departure, but instead to penalize the departing school so as to prohibit breach of contract. Virginia courts have recognized the concept, so I hope it is something we're seriously considering.

Not only that but it sounds like there is a lot of chatter for GT to join the Big Ten.

Them going to the Big Ten would be interesting. Would probably kick off B1G talks with UVa, which would probably grease the wheels to get us into the SEC.

Yup, conference realignment is up to administrators. All the coaches can do is try to put a quality product on the field.

Meh, hindsight is 20/20. Staying in the ACC was the right move at the time. No one thought the SEC would making 4x what the ACC would make. Also, if Swafford didn't butcher the TV network, the situation might be different.


but seriously, I don't think anybody here has been happy with the ACC for at least the last decade or so. VT deserves a better league. The ACC has been criminally mismanaged since our arrival. Thankful to get out of the Big East before it collapsed but the ACC is on the verge of collapse now too and VT needs to find greener pastures quick.

(at least) $100m per year from the Big Ten tv deal would be more than enough to not have to worry about travel costs.

At the same time, we'd probably be looking at a similar amount in the SEC as well.

those both look good to me. I don't really have a strong opinion on either. I think SEC would be more likely and the travel costs probably more manageable, depending on our annual opponent lineup. I don't really care where we end up as long as its not in the still-sinking ACC

Our recruiting would significantly take off with either SEC or B1G backing, so that would help a lot.

I think that it would be a very strong recruiting pitch if we could go into Richmond, the 757, the DMV, etc and tell kids they can play against the best teams in the country, but also stay home. Being the northern-most SEC team would make us very attractive to kids from the mid-atlantic and north east.

The main thing I do not want to see is for Virginia Tech to be part of some third or fourth piecemealed 'not-quite-super' conference that forever chases the shadow of the P2.

Why not? That's what you've been watching for the last 20 years.

I agree that the best way to 'get out' of the GoR is if multiple schools leave together. There have been multipled verified people on twitter reporting that both Miami and GT are trying to get out of the GoR.

each locking the ACC up in the courts within their own states to prevent payment. Delay for even as much as 12 months and those payments will never be made

The interesting thing about the GoR is that it's not tied to a specific state, so it's not clear where a potential lawsuit would take place. Apparently, this is a huge legal hurtle to overcome (per Andy Staples of The Athletic, and the lawyer he interviewed).

Yeah, I would prefer a slower rollout. I can't binge watch stuff now that I've got young kids. And since I can't do that, I basically have to stay off social media and threads like these to avoid spoilers. That kind of sucks. I have to wait to engage in those things until I'm sure I'm caught up with where everyone else is.

Kenobi, Mandalorian, etc let me feel like I can watch and discuss at a normal pace and not have anything spoiled since it's easy to hide out from discussion online for a day or two until I can find time to watch.

It definitely could ruin the amount of teams. I don't want CFB to be 40-50 team NFL lite. It should be at least 100 and then if any other schools can compete and establish a consistent crowd of 20k+, the more the merrier

Maryland was supposed to pay something like $40m to the conference to leave and I think they ended up paying far less than half.

Schools are doing the math now regarding GoR, and from what I understand we're already past the point where you would make money in a new conference even with paying GoR. I think that threshold is $46m per year, and I think both are already over it. Schools are trying to figure out how to reduce the payment before making the move, and possibly trying to align moves to further weaken the ACC's position when it all goes down in the courts.

We're a football school with 30 strong years of history. Even though we've slipped in recent years, our attendance is still pretty strong and, more importantly, we still bring big ratings to ESPN when we're on. We're in the 3rd most populous state (i.e. broadcast region) that currently does not have a school in the SEC or B1G.

Having had time to think about it, we are absolutely a school that either conference is targeting. UNC and ND are probably tops on the list, but if you're looking long term and not just 'who are the good football teams right now' there's a good chance we might be next on the list, to be honest. If the option is there for either the SEC or B1G to bring the NC or Va markets into the fold, they're dumb not to do it, even if it means VT/NCSU going SEC and UNC/UVa going B1G.

Yes I very much agree with this, and I've liked the way Disney releases episodes weekly for their shows. One of the great things about the way TV was before was all the "water cooler" talk about the weekly episode when you go the the office the next day (and now of course TKP is our water cooler).

Not to mention you wait 3 years for a new season then are done with it in a weekend. It makes the wait that much longer.