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Decent age, decent signing. It appears that the chatter around the internet is that it won't necessarily impact the pace at the CB position though. You'll have two trees supporting the spine though, so that should be helpful for the overall defense. Can't stand the Mancs, but it's a good deal nonetheless.

Bryan Gil to Spurs and Lamela back the other way to Sevilla has been announced by both clubs. Don't know a ton about Gil but what I've seen makes me excited for the potential he brings. Cristian Romero from Atalanta looks like he might be headed to Spurs too which seems like a good move if it comes to fruition. I'm liking how things have gone since Spurs hired Paratici. He really seems to have a plan.

Anybody play Pokemon Unite on Switch yet? I downloaded it the other day and have had some fun with it.

I have never thought that highly of WVU as a school, but I didn't realize they were the worst ranked school out of the entire P5. Yikes...

Maybe I'm in the minority, but the "(insert location/state)2VT" is getting stale. Almost has become a laughing stock with our recruiting fails/transfer of players from Texas.

the possibility of a Cinderella season game is one college footballs most appealing aspects.


Can we add WVU and ND but tell WVU they have to give ND their portion of revenue share for the first 5 years?

I think the ACC still cares somewhat about academics. AAC teams don't fit that bill. I know we let Louisville in but they are good at basketball. Of course, money will ultimately decide what needs to be done and who gets added if the ACC still exists...

Edit. I created the table below to illustrate my point. Rankings are based on the most recent US News rankings. Notre Dame is ranked 19. Those highlighted blue are the highest-ranked per conference and conversely so those marked as orange. *Wichita State did not have a ranking. Instead, they had a range. I recorded the lower end (lower number) of the range.


This shit in VR would leave me unable to sleep for a few days.

Varane to man united for what sounds like 59 million which is a good deal for all parties it looks like. Got the Here We Go so I'm guessing this looks to be close.

I am just waiting for the announcement that the SEC is kicking out Kentucky and Vanderbilt to make room for Texas and Oklahoma.

Does anyone else think that it's complete bullshit that Russia is "banned" from the Olympics and yet their athletes are competing under the "Russian Olympic Committee" banner? If the IOC is going to ban them, there should be no Russian athletes competing in team events and athletes competing in individual events should be listed as "Unaffiliated".

I guess that's too much to ask from the corrupt IOC.

Louisville has been ... telling RR he's the ONLY guy they're recruiting.

If you will permit me a quick editorialization: "l o l ok. they have to know that's not true, but I'm sure it's nice to hear"

I know it's not going down how I'd like but hear me out for this P4 idea.

Move Texas, OU, Kansas, Boise St to the PAC to get them up to 16. Plains Pod of 4 new members, NW Pod (Ore/Wash schools), Cali Pod (USC, UCLA, Cal, Stan), Desert Pod (Utah, Col, AZ schools).

B1G then takes Iowa St and Kansas St, podding up North (Wisc, Minn, Mich, Mich St), West (Neb, Iowa, Iowa St, Kansas St), Central (Illi, NW, Purdue, IU), East (Ohio St, Penn St, Rutg, Maryland). Yes I realize that Central pod would be trash in football.

ACC gets ND and WVU. Pod up Atlantic (FSU, Miami, NCSU, Wake), Coastal (Clem, GT, Duke, UNC), Appalachian (VT, UVa, WVU, Pitt), Urban (BC, Cuse, Louisville, ND)

Give the SEC Texas Tech and Oklahoma St. Pod up West (Texas Tech, Ok St, Mizzou, A&M), Gulf (LSU, Ark, Ole Miss, Miss St), Central (Bama, Auburn, Tenn, Vandy) East (UGA, UF, USCe, UK).

This would leave Baylor and TCU out back. Maybe PAC would value Baylor more than Boise. It would strengthen the PAC from a football perspective and keep the other three leagues from gaining more than another in terms of football. I would consider it a well balanced 4 leagues. SEC still king of football but the other 3 leagues would all have 3-6 elite football programs. It would allow for a 64 team breakoff. Would make scheduling very easy for non-league games, just cross pod on rotating basis. Each league has 10 team regular season games.

For Playoffs - Pod winners meet over two weeks to determine conference champs and top 4 seeds in 16 team playoff. Pod winners that lose in 1st round of conference tourney would then be paired with top 8 pod runner ups from across the 4 leagues. (Imagine PSU, Tex, Mich, Wash, UF being pod runner ups during season) These top 8 pod runner ups now have "play in" style games vs the 8 pod winners that lose in the 1st round of conference tourney. This would determine the bottom 8 teams of the Super 16 Playoff field. 4 conference champs, 4 conference runner ups and 8 teams that either finished 1st or 2nd in their pod would make the 16 team playoff. Every team would now have a clear shot to make the final 16 as long as you finish 1st or 2nd in your pod during regular season. Would keep Illi, NW, Purdue, IU pod winner from getting into playoff over a PSU, UF that is ina tougher pod. Would make for a bunch of really interesting football.

Also, I think plenty of mental toughness can be cultivated with just the jury of your peers and coaches. Like all the people on the practice field are probably enough of a crowd to make you embarrassed/ want to work harder if you don't make a play. Thats probably 90% of what you care about in a game too even in front of a big crowd. Being comfortable in front of a live audience and worrying about social media presence are probably fairly different things in terms of mindset as well.

I hope we can keep that post Thanksgiving rivalry weekend ACC vs. SEC thing going in Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

Unless of course the SEC just takes those schools, too.

Houston and Memphis are a head above the rest (and both far better additions than Cincy or Navy imo). For the ACC I think out of that group Memphis is only one it makes sense to add. For geography, basketball, alumni base, market, etc.

Most likely it's ND and WVU though.

This kind of approach is a positive managerial move.

Discipline your employees in private. Teach them in private. Not doing so risks alienating yourself from your team and other teammates from each other. When in public view, people's general defensiveness interferes with their ability to accept responsibility, learn, and grow.

So there is merit to this style of management... if it is in fact guiding public access.

Fighting Irish TV is the reason ACC won't get ND. B1G can offer the revenue back. ACC can't.

I believe this is the SEC's plan all along. Expand to 30-40 teams, and break off from the NCAA.