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Trade winds has a tica medium heavy surf rod that's fast action 8 foot with a Penn battle 4000 on it for 180$ and the wife gave me the go ahead so I may grab that and go Chuck silver in the surf

Some Oxford doctors working on a COVID vaccine say there's a 50/50 shot at ever achieving it. Their thinking is that trials may not be successful as the virus is fading too rapidly in the UK.

Link pls

The kids have all the leverage in recruiting. And there's zero evidence that they're oblivious to this.

This might be true for Blue Chip 4 and 5 star prospects but that is a very small portion of the pool.

Take the case of a low-3* Recruit and a coach at an G5 or FCS school trying to get them to sign.

For the recruit, you have multiple coaches from multiple different schools pressuring you to sign, giving you "noncommitrable" offers, and/or blatantly lying to you. Add to the equation, that a proportion of these athletes don't come from backgrounds with the means to attend college via any other manner than an Athletic Scholarship. Not exactly a situation of high leverage.

From the coaches side, bringing in better athletes (making the sale) obviously increases your chance of winning. Winning leads to opportunities with the potential for higher compensation, more prestige, or better lifestyle (getting a commission or promotion). Failing to sign enough recruiting targets leads to a high likelihood of being fired, just like not making enough sales on the floor would.

In sales, one often finds themselves dealing with consumers in different circumstances as well. Some are in a position where they have a perfectly functioning item, and you were trying to convince them to upgrade to something they don't really need, which can be an uphill battle. Others have an immediate need for the item, and you have a distinct advantage from the start.

While not exactly 1:1, it seems a pretty apt comparison.

I agree but when it's on a macro level, it's a problem. Similar to the "rankings don't matter crowd". Sure, everyone can point to 2* that made it tot he pros and 5* that flamed out, but the overarching data suggests that they do in fact matter.

Maybe Troy had personal reasons for app state, maybe Milum wanted to stay home, maybe Ant Powell's brother wanted him in the SEC, maybe Lambert didn't want to play for a coach that could be on the hot seat soon. On an individual scale, we have an excuse for every recruits for why they didn't come to VT, but at a certain point, you have to admit to yourself that there is a systematic problem.

The venn diagram of people that complain about "ham-handed" regulations like "inside=mask" and people that complain that regulations are too complicated and too specific is probably a circle.

Shoot I think the last guy we got out of my Alma mater was Purnell Sturdivant. And he was a senior when I was a freshman (iirc)

I'm hoping for a go for launch, as I'm 89 miles by car from the space center currently, and you can typically see the rocket from the house. But the weather is not looking very promising for this afternoon.