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I was going to bring this topic up in the other thread Correy, but since we're here, and there aren't many soccer fans on the site, I'll just say what I have to say here. I partially agree with what Klopp's doing (shocker I know). I think he's totally right, that the well-being of his players is of utmost importance to him. I support the argument that the FA should care about their well-being too. The only portion of this "protest" that I have a problem with, is that he won't be showing up for the match itself. I think it's disrespectful to Shrewsbury. They worked their tails off to beat the reigning world champions, and cutting his holiday break 4 days short shouldn't be that difficult for him. I hope he changes his mind, but knowing Klopp I doubt he will. He's totally right that Critchley (our youth manager) knows the team better than he does; however, I feel that's a thinly veiled excuse. I think he can still take a stand, by letting Critchley coach, but by showing up to the dugout out of respect for the Shrews. Just my opinion.