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Chumps....I don't know that you're supposed to question him. He will do/has done the research and will put it in a chart. Be prepared, your answers are coming in chart form.

brickhaus's picture brickhaus | John Ojiako has committed to VTBB | commented 2 hours 32 min ago | reply

I think it's safe to assume there will be attrition. Somebody's going to get pissed off at the coaching staff, or be displeased with his minutes, or get in trouble with the university or the law, or hopefully go pro a year or two early. A couple may redshirt in their second or third year on campus if recruiting continues to go well. The odds of all these new players completing four years together in the current NCAA basketball climate seems exceedingly small.

The numbers always work out.

2_Hokie_5's picture 2_Hokie_5 | John Ojiako has committed to VTBB | commented 2 hours 33 min ago | reply

Wasn't sure if it was one of those "thread rabbit holes" of why height is useful/useless in CBB.

And Dell's totals were WITHOUT three pointers. If they "re-calculated" his points based on the shots he already took, I 'll bet you would add several hundred more points. Then if you figure that (with a three point line in place) he would have likely TAKEN more shots from outside, 3000 points wouldn't have been out of reach!

"Compete" apparently means different things to different people.

Are these ALL of the guys that we recruited who didn't have any other offers? If we went 5 hits for 5 offers over the last 5 years when targeting kids with no other offers, I'd be at ease. However, I imagine that these are cherry-picked, and we're hitting 5 for 25 at best. Not to mention that if you exclude kickers, who often walk on, only one of the guys (Jack) was major contributors for more than 2 seasons,

i have no idea what your table is trying to tell me. is it just the final ranking of teams? what does it tell us about how well they recruited? where did you pull "13/25"? how are you defining "compete"? where does anything say every single year?

HokiesFTW123's picture HokiesFTW123 | John Ojiako has committed to VTBB | commented 2 hours 36 min ago | reply

It says to me that MY is clearly thinking long term (as he should). The idea that eventually we could have a senior core of Cone, Nolley, Alleyne, Ojiako, and Cattoor is what MY is aiming for.

Sure, there will be obvious road bumps and maybe a couple rough seasons down the road, but MY knows this too. He's not here to raise his stock like many thought Buzz was, he's here to build a sustainable program, and everything he's done so far suggests that he has a clear vision on how to do it.

13 of 25 is not an outlier...

its actually the higher percentage.......

half of the teams...




Its statistically not an outlier

It really depends how the 4 losses come.

  • If Wake, Miami, UVA, and ND all have 10+ wins, and we drop all 4 by less than a score, we win a good bowl game, and our team shows improvement over the course of the season, then Fuente's seat stays a little warm, but he's not fired.
  • If we drop a game to a non-p5 team, get blown out by ND and Miami, and drop another stupid ACC game, then it's time to have a conversation about (1) can Fuente get us back to 2005-2011 levels and (2) what other coaches are available who can?

what does KBJ being 6'10" have to do with hearing 6'9" though?

I would rather be "florida state" than "kentucky last year", yes. One year sample size does not a competitive program make.

Which team with recruiting rankings consistently in the 30s has won its conference and made the CFP? Michigan state? I think they recruited better than that

hoondawg's picture hoondawg | John Ojiako has committed to VTBB | 2 replies | commented 2 hours 44 min ago | reply

What kind of contribution can we expect from the players that are re-classifying? It seems fair to assume that it'll take a season or two for them to "hit their stride". The ACC is a big jump from junior year of high school.

Oregon had top 50 class on their team when they played for the title in 2010, but I recognize that is very much an exception.

Regardless, I think it's unwise to make large scale staffing decisions based on recruiting rankings; we do it based on on-the-field performance.

I think those of us would rather play the odds than grasp at outliers to justify the poor performance on the trail.

you said you're gonna be the measured voice of reason and then laid out a scenario that sees us clean house after an 8 win season. what i want is a little less hyperbole in one direction or the other

Farley - 3 stars (USCe other P5 offered late)
Hewitt - 3 stars
Keene - 3 stars
Grimsley - 3 stars
Ashby - 3 stars
Darrisaw - 3 stars
Dzansi - 3 stars

Thats just from the 2017 class. I left out 2016 because it was a mixed bag of Frank/Fuente guys. I left out 2018 even though some of those guys look like they're poised to contribute this year are still unproven. These coaches can develop talent. Also, I know some of these guys had some P5 offers, but these are guys ranking around the same area with the guys in this class we aren't that excited about right now.

2_Hokie_5's picture 2_Hokie_5 | John Ojiako has committed to VTBB | 2 replies | commented 2 hours 51 min ago | reply

KBJ is 6'10", no?

Sources confirmed to GoVols247 that Tennessee is attempting to stay in the mix with the 6-foot-10, 250-pound power forward who left the Hokies as a graduate-transfer following his redshirt junior season.

Really....cant think of one team that has been able to compete with low recruiting rankings....not one?

Team Rank
Clemson 1
Alabama 2
Ohio State 3
Oklahoma 4
Notre Dame 5
Florida 7
Georgia 8
Texas 9
Washington State 10
UCF 11
Kentucky 12
Washington 13
Michigan 14
Syracuse 15
Texas A&M 16
Penn State 17
Fresno State 18
Army 19
West Virginia 20
Northwestern 21
Utah State 22
Boise State 23
Cincinnatti 24
Iowa 25

Its weird, but I get the feeling some of yall would rather be Florida State than Kentucky last year...

vtnerf's picture vtnerf | June 2019 Fishing Thread | commented 2 hours 54 min ago | reply

That would be fun. Hooking a 5 pounder on a dock demon....