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silver lining here, if there is one, is that the spotlight is no longer just on us... I'm sure its only a matter of time before UVA is going to have a hefty plate full of crow to chow on.

Speaking of ND....

I have to say, it was weird watching their game last week and seeing the ACC football patch on their jerseys, the ACC logo on their helmet bumpers, and the ACC logo on the field in South Bend. At the same time, it looked like something that should have been there from the beginning.

If you have no first hand knowledge to anchor your own opinion you can't evaluate the opinions of others relative to your own

I don't think I need to watch to show to draw the conclusion that other people's opinions don't jive with reality

If you have no first hand knowledge to anchor your own opinion you can't evaluate the opinions of others relative to your own.

In your example, you are not evaluating how good the food is relative to general consensus, you are just saying that you hold the opinions of some above those of others. The opinions are what you are judging, not the product.

It wouldn't surprise me and I kind of remember something like that happening. I was there in 00-01 and lived on the 3rd floor. The RA on the 4th was known for being pretty lax with the rules and pulling quite a few pranks. They put a garbage can on a skateboard, filled it in the shower, then wheeled it to the stairwell and dumped it. It soaked a bunch of people's stuff on that end of the hall on my floor who lived next to the stairwell.

But isn't "overrated" a statement about other people's opinions anyway? So you can make a claim that the food is overrated based on solely the opinions of others and some reference opinion (like an expert or food critic). If the critic doesn't like the food, but the public does, you could correctly argue it is overrated without ever trying it.

I thought the first few seasons were bloody great.

But by the end it was obvious that they had nowhere to go with it. The last episode was ridiculous. Too much build up for the characters to suddenly act out of character.

They tried to milk it for too many seasons, and last couple of seasons became unworkable. Until that, it was reasonably entertaining.

Afternoon team, question: going to be in the 757 between Christmas and New Year's, and I would like to hire a guide to fish inshore/close to shore, targeting reds, black drum, speckled...and the like.

Any guides on here interested or available? Any recommendations? 3 adults, 3 kids between 7-10.


Something being overrated is a shaky concept by itself as it is subjective. Your perception based on third hand evidence gives you an idea what the final verdict of internet was, but your opinion holds no value in relation to the art or even interpretation of the art.

If you say a food that you have never eaten is overrated, that statement is worthless in evaluating the food and only serves to evaluate the opinions of others.

so it dawned on me that I am everything that's wrong with gaming. I was really excited about Rebel Galaxy Outlaw two years ago when it was announced. Then they did an exclusive release on Epic about a year ago and I didn't want to deal with that mess so I waited for the steam release, bitching the whole time about having to wait. Well, they came out on steam (and consoles) today and I realize that I don't have time to play that and I'm not gonna spend $30 on a game just to not play for who knows how long til work settles down. So I'm gonna wait for it to go on sale like the asshole that I am and see if I can pick it up for $10 or less.