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Pretty encouraging

I agree with all of this, but I really enjoy the cold weather falls of the B1G. I'd love to visit Madison in October to watch a Rudolph Oline revenge against Wiscy. I think our brand of FB fits in better up there, but I agree it would probably be like the ACC where instead of NC schools looking down on us, its upper midwestern schools. I don't think we'd be a poor stepsister in the SEC.

My Answers to the questions:

1 - The primary additional value, given that these TV contracts play such a huge role in these movements, is the Mid-Atlantic/DMV market that VT would give access to. This is the original reason VT was viewed highly by the SEC as a potential member, outspokenly so by former SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. When you add that we have a legitimate football culture, more similar in intensity, fan involvement, tailgating, etc. to an SEC school that's a less important value add, but it's still there.

2 - While VT isn't going to be aligned with the deep south schools of the SEC in terms of primary student body culture, I think this is a little bit overstated in terms of a concern. College kids are college kids, and VT's football-specific culture is certainly more similar to the SEC than the ACC. We would instantly be a better cultural fit than Missouri, for example.

3 - Yes, the difference in money would make up for the travel costs almost instantly. We would probably need some shrewd legal navigation to deal with the GOR thing. I won't speak on that definitively until I understand it better. Not only is the gap between SEC/B1G money and the others already significant, it's reasonable to expect that gap to continue to grow as well both short and long term, particularly in relation to the long term ACC deal in place.

For whatever reason I feel like the grant of rights thing is going to end up screwing us in this next phase of realignment. Everyone seems to think it's going to get tossed out and there is about to be this big raid of ACC schools by the BIG 10 and SEC, but I am not sure I see that happening. None of the ACC teams have control over the media rights, so those two conferences can't really negotiate with any schools about joining since there would likely be a huge court battle with no guarantee that the schools media rights will be released, which is the entire point of expansion, to cash in on the media rights.

For whatever reason I feel like this grant of rights thing will end up doing exactly as it intended, keep other conferences from raiding the ACC. Maybe I'm wrong here, and the ACC does end up collapsing and we end up in the BIG or SEC, but I feel that is less likely than the ACC remaining intact. In that case it becomes the power 2 and we are then part of the group of 8 or however that shakes out.

I could see the BoB being a once every third year thing. At Lane, at Neyland, at Bristol. Logistics definitely need ironing out. But the story of Bristol and State Street I think the SEC would hype up big time.

The salient point would be

if VT would have an opportunity to choose which conference

And for the record my preference has always been the SEC over the B1G.

It is a little easier for ND to leave the ACC (they are a member) but not a lot. The ACC owns a significant chunk of ND's media rights; all but ice hockey and 9/10 football games. And they are contractually obligated to join the ACC in football if they join a conference before 2036.

So if ND joins the B1G in say, 2024 (and the ACC still exists in 2024), the ACC will own or need to be compensated for all of ND's media rights except ice hockey, from 2024 to 2036.

Best chance for any ACC schools to move around would be if the top tier of football (and basketball?) leaves the NCAA and schools execute football-only deals elsewhere.

Fished every day this past weekend in new spots. First one was super slow. Found them second day tailing in a foot of water and getting to watch them wake the topwater and explode on it was awesome. The class of pups around has been in the upper slot to overslot reds which has been a lot of fun since the trout have been mia for most people. Got a couple more pups the last day.

People keep saying this but VT is way closer to being a poor man's Penn State or Michigan than an LSU or Alabama "culturally"

If the ACC is going to blow up anyway, what does it matter?

Plus, don't we have a joint agreement for a medical learning facility with Vandy that we could easily carry with us?

Oh 100%. This is why I said I think the SEC is better for us long term.

Just think of the first Enter Sandman for a night game in a conference game within the SEC. Pandemonium. And the SEC Network would be all over it.

Not totally down with the Battle at Bristol becoming a thing. That game was a shitshow the first time around, that venue had no idea how to handle a college crowd (running out of water in the first quarter was no bueno), and the sightlines were god awful. Good for a one off, but I'd much rather just go back and forth between Neyland and Lane.

And yes, the aTm series would be awesome. Plus, we'd be able to warmly welcome Buzz back to Cassell.

Build is more receiver/DB than RB, but a college weight room could change that. My guess based on looking at him is he ends up at WR or DB. Nice get from between my home town and where I currently live. Powdersville HS splintered off from Wren HS as the Powdersville area grew due to the rapid growth of nearby Greenville.

I have been looking (without success) trying to find an article written years ago about the connection between conference realignment and research dollars.

The author stated that (at that time) no school had switched conferences to a conference rated lower in research dollars. His point was that in trying to predict future conference realignment one should evaluate research funding of the current universities in that conference. Having a vibrant athletic department and a good conference affiliation were important but research dollars were much more important. He made the comment something to the effect of having a good football team is important as it drives enrollment and applications to the university but at end of the day research dollars drive the conference decisions.

Now I don't know if that theory has stayed true with the conference changes over the last few years. But it was an interesting article.

Considering that thesis would point to the B1G as the likely future home for VT, especially if VT would have an opportunity to choose which conference. I say that with the belief (which may be wrong) that ACC research dollars fall between the SEC and the B1G.

If anyone else perhaps remembers that article please link.

Do we think our media rights are on par with a UCLA or USC? Texas or OU? I'm not saying that they are not, just thinking about how these decisions are made that are purely by the numbers.

I mean, no but few are. Where we come out strong in the pending level of expansion is that we present an untapped market for both the SEC and B1G that should be highly sought after. Just refer to this site: States ranked by population, 2022

Now think of the major schools in those states that are not affiliated with either the SEC or B1G.

1 - California - UCLA, USC
2 - Texas - Texas, aTm
3 - Florida - UF
4 - New York - ______
5 - Pennsylvania - Penn State
6 - Illinois - Illinois, Northwestern
7 - Ohio - Ohio State
8 - Georgia - UGa
9 - North Carolina - _______
10 - Michigan - UM, MSU
11 - New Jersey - Rutgers
12 - Virginia - _______
13 - Washington - ______
14 - Arizona - ________
15 - Tennessee - UT, Vandy

Of the states that do not have a school in either, here are the population, or as a conference would consider it, the population that is not currently untapped for a tv deal

4 - NY - 19.2 million
9 - NC - 10.8 million
12 - VA - 8.6 million
13 - WA - 7.8 million
14 - AZ - 7.6 million

So obviously the big dog state here for someone to grab is New York. But does NY have a state that moves the needle with a tv deal? Syracuse is the biggest athletics school the state has, and it didn't help the ACC at all. They have a decent basketball program, but football has basically been underfunded the entire time. And at a certain point, knowing NY is basically NYC and everything else, is the city already covered by Rutgers? Probably, so that's a state you'll probably skip. Plus, its not like the B1G Network isn't heavily covering that region to begin with, its effectively been annexed.

For the rest, its NC, Virginia, Washington, and Arizona.

Well, we already know UWashington is trying to get into the B1G with Oregon, and its not like the SEC would be sending out an invite to the extreme northwest like that. So that leaves NC, VA, and Arizona. Of the football schools in those states, Virginia Tech is the highest profile and UNC has the biggest brand because of basketball. So if you're looking at which 2 schools are probably the most desireable right now in the next round, you almost have to start there, because that's the untapped potential that really pushed the needle when trying to get more tv money.

That being said, UVa and NCSU are sitting pretty because they'll either join VT and UNC in whatever conference they go to, or be totally safe in the other. Really just depends on if either of the conferences want to lock the other from a state by inviting both, or if they would be content with sharing as long as they got theirs.

Maybe somewhat, but we picked the worst time to be in a slump when it comes to football.

We are culturally ideal for the SEC.

Agree the ACC/Swofford totally screwed the pooch with the 2012 expansion. Appeasing Tobacco Road is going to kill the conference in the end. But I totally get what you're saying about geography and again it's why I think the SEC would be a better fit. You add us and NC State for example, you have an extremely neat SEC North pod with us, NCSU, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Vandy. That's four games we can bus to every year. With the Big Ten and trying to grab across the country to the west coast, who knows what kind of travel we would have.

I know it's a bygone era, but I still think we fit better in the SEC due to our SoCon past and regional fit. Playing Minnesota/Iowa/USC would be incredibly strange bedfellows and I see us getting shafted just like we have in the ACC. I totally think the SEC would embrace our membership more so than the B1G. I think the Battle of Bristol would become a huge selling point (SEC Gameday in Bristol on State Street) and UT is a natural rival we could recognize. Give us TAMU and appreciate the Corps of Cadets connection and military history. Give me Saban on the sidelines looking straight into the camera talking about how they will deal with Sandman and the hostile environment at Lane.

I get what you're saying, but where I was going is that I think that the ACC has always been the best fit for us regionally and geographically. Our travel costs are as low as they could possibly be in this conference. And when we joined, we did so under the pretense that the ACC was making a serious push about being the top football conference in college athletics. At the time, with VT, Miami, and FSU that was absolutely on the table. And who knows, if Miami and FSU don't immediately shit themselves as programs maybe we're having a different conversation right now.

Where the ACC fucked it all up was in trying to appease UNC and Duke by doubling down on basketball with the next round of additions. Pitt, Cuse, and UofL are 2nd tier football programs which did not move the needle one iota in terms of our tv deal. Even moreso than the asinine tv deal with Raycom, bringing in basketball schools in a growingly football centric world showed just how little foresight the powers within the ACC HQ had. That decision signed the conference's death warrant, we've just been riding it out since.

For either the SEC or B1G, I think we'll have a bit of a culture clash. We're not preppy and douchy enough for the SEC and we're not old stodgy 100 years worth of traditions in palaces of football that you get in the B1G. We're somewhere in the middle, but middle enough that we'll eventually fit in wherever we go. You're probably right and our best fit is probably SEC, but I wouldn't be mad if UVa dragged us into the B1G with them.

Another reason against the Big Ten IMO. They initiated all this alliance stuff and calmly stabbed the Pac 12 in the back when it suited. I figured the ACC would get the screwing in that deal but man they didn't waste much time. It was a stalling tactic to buy the Big Ten some time. They were all in on this academic first nonsense until money started talking. But they still pretend this is about something other than cash. Don't give me that level of pretentiousness.

One this about the ending that gets me is the Duffer Brothers have already stated that season 5 there will need to be some kind of time jump since the kids are all so much older now. Not sure how they do that with what is happening in Hawkins at the moment.