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You took the beginning and end of my post out of context... so idk what you want from me? The voice of reason is referencing the next thing that I wrote, that there's still a chance this awful class turns around with some key acquisitions

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6'9, I've not heard that height in a long, long time.

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I don't understand....Big Man? I thought basketball players don't get bigger than a 6'5 wing?

I love those guys (idk who wade is) but how many ACC championships do they have together?

(fyi you fixed one Allen to Alleyne but not the other two Allens to Alleynes)

Drinks like a fish................

were some of them walkons tho

So based on a combination of prior play, recruiting rankings (Allen rated 88 by 247) & assuming Cone is a starter, best case (KBJ comes back, Aluma gets waiver):

Starters: Cone, Bede, Nolley, Aluma, KBJ
Bench: Alleyne, Bongo, Wilkins, Horne, Johnson
Redshirt: Cattoor
Walk-Ons: Radford, Palmer

Two scholarships left. In this scenario, would ideally love to see us snag two grad transfers: a 6'6"+ combo forward and another point guard so we could play Bede exclusively off ball. Would allow us to redshirt both Allen and Cattoor.

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awwwwwwwwww yisssssss

I mean if KBJ comes back and Aluma gets a waiver, we'll have 11. If Drew Harris comes and Lawson doesn't transfer, we'll have 13.

Based on recruiting valuation alone, Cattoor projects as a non-rotation player as a freshman. In the admittedly far-fetched best case scenario, we already have six guards ahead of him or seven if we land another grad transfer. I don't see the point of wasting a year of eligibility.

I'm looking forward to it. I intentionally stepped away from the season launch because I killed the last few b pushing for day 1 raid clears and it just burnt be out. I'm loving the "bad luck protection" that the chalice has afforded and am really excited to see if this is a flash in the pan or Bungie deepening the RPG aspects of the looter shooter.

EDIT: Really interesting raid mechanically. Our group was 4 people with clears, 2 (including myself) without. We two shot every encounter up until THICC DADDI at the end. It is a surprisingly short raid, but has some fun mechanics. I like a lot of the call backs to Leviathan and how everyone has to know their shit or the raid goes to hell in the ascendant plane real quick. By the same token, my raid buddy kept dying to the deception which is infuriating. One member can absolutely torpedo the raid if they can't handle a mechanic.

looks like we picked up Ojiako, too:

I agree with you. I think you hit the nail on the head especially

We're expecting a top 25 class out of Fuente the year after we went 6-7 and have limited scholarships.

I think Fuente will be fine this year. People are pretty gun shy after last year. This really only goes to show you can't run too long on faith with our fan base. Call it a Napoleon Complex, call it Little Brother Syndrome, call it whatever. A lot of Hokie Nation needs this team to be good. It's just about all we have to hang our hat on.

Wha' the hell?

D-Wat was also one of our faves. Hell, they all were. We used to really love VT basketball in those days.

If we held Frank to the same recruiting standards we held Fuente then this site would have burned down a long time ago. We're expecting a top 25 class out of Fuente the year after we went 6-7 and have limited scholarships. After plenty of years finishing ranked in the Top 15, Beamer's best class was ranked 18th. Tech is a difficult school to recruit high level kids to, I don't know why we are struggling so hard to accept that. Do i want our class to be better this year? Yes. Do i also think it's way too early to judge it? Yes.

Edit: Say we finish strong in recruiting like we have the past couple years and bring in Lambert, Powell, and Greene. Our average jumps to .8811. Thats 4th in the ACC behind Clemson, Miami, and FSU. Thats a better average than last year. That helps fills the talent gaps we keep harping on. Our coaches do need to be held accountable in recruiting, but at least let them fail before we start trashing them.

It sounded like he got off on the wrong foot with the team over the summer, and I've heard second hand that he is very open about his fortunate upbringing. I'll be the first to admit that hearing the stories about him from multiple sources really soured me on him. But he has a great work ethic. That's been documented as well. Hopefully the bad stuff is behind him and he's ready to be a hard working leader.