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It's been a while since you've really been around here so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you just haven't been TKPing hard enough and may be rusty with the community guidelines (link)

Don't discuss politics or religion.

Things around here during covid lockdown grew to be pretty tense and heated at various times, and we really do not want to go down another rabbit hole of CG violations.

edit: thanks jp_daddi0

If it doesn't mean anything, how would you feel if we lost all our games? It does mean something, and even if other teams have holes, I'd guess that really solid D-line production will tell people that TNT can develop college talent and not just coach pros, which will help in recruiting. I would guess that if we perform well in other areas as well it will help with recruiting, especially if the defense plays well since we have so many new coaches on that side of the ball. Having production from a running back would probably give confidence in Lechtenberg as a coach and that we would actually use a good RB in our system. The same as losing a bunch of games would probably hurt us on the recruiting trail.

Yeah it can get really tight and with the fly casting I can see getting snagged on vegetation with being a beginner. Definitely a 7 -7.5 footer would be preferable. I'll see what types of area I fish more and then make the move on a fly rod.

After 9th-11th grade in NOVA, I graduated HS in suburban Portland. My dad was also a conservation official so we had family friends that did a lot of that sort of thing. And yeah, their smoked salmon was the best I've had as well.

In '75, I had a summer job with SCS (now NRCS) dropping off equipment for snow measuring in remote places in OR. In summer '76, I worked for USFS in WA. Pretty country.

David Delorean wears his mask with his nose sticking out of it, and takes it off to talk.

They've played the theme at home basketball and football games in the past. Haven't run onto the field with it though

Pretty sure it was Centuries he was playing since ESPN made it so cool was his reason.

I'll give you leg back for trying, but prolly need to edit this one....

Sounds about right. The fish was dry and flakey, too, and a thick hunk, not some see through cellophane slice. Served with just the crackers, no cream cheese, minced red onion or capers.

I came back for a couple of practices when my little brother was a freshman. The team was in midseason they were a bit more conditioned, so the vomit can was not in sight. I had some freshmen 15 on me, and needed to crawl to the can.

For fishing small brookie streams with lots of overhanging vegetation, a 2 or 3 weight, 7 - 7.5 footer is all you need. Graphite or fiberglass is the major choice and is a casting style/feel that you have to try to decide.