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ESPN has him in the Top 300. You saying "i dont see it that way" is the same as someone saying "he's a 247 in-house 4*" and you saying "I dont see it that way".

It's objective.

all im saying is that the one commenter said he was ESPN 300 and aprimus said "i dont see him as ESPN 300" and well actually it's not up to aprimus whether he is or not.... he is in fact an ESPN 300 player

New York State enters the taxes conversation and says hold my beer....

When the property taxes on your home are double the State and Local taxes federal income tax deduction limit, and that's before state income taxes, it gets a little frustrating.

(First ever comment here, longtime lurker, recent TKPer (thanks staff ya'll are awesome)

Could not agree more here. I've lived (and worked) in MI, VA, CA the income tax difference has not made any difference in my opinion (cost of living is the real kicker). But as a homeowner in Southern California my property taxes are less or equal to my folks back in MI.

I want this level of optimism again, and honestly have had it every year I've been a VT fan; always overly optimistic about what we had to look forward to the next season. I just don't have it anymore, man. Like will you feel the same way if we only win six games this year because I see that being a real possibility. Then, what? How do you keep any sort of football relevance as a program or football fan? We are getting jumped by teams in the ACC coastal that have never cared about football in years past.

I understand your complaints with people making a big deal about the masters comments; frankly I couldn't care less about that. I also think fuente cares and is a nice person. I just don't think he's getting the job done to any reasonable expectation. It's just the fact that I feel like we're setting up for a carbon copy of the last 2 years all over again.

and we're tired of his lip service. show. us. results.

he can talk all day about how important recruiting is but until he starts performing better on the trail it's empty. I'm sure he cares a lot about the players. That doesn't make him a successful coach.

And for the last f***ing time, it's not about the Masters. It's about the fact that he says this team isn't ready in YEAR 6

Are you suggesting that we as a fanbase should be unhappy with a coach who takes any personal time? Or is it just that there's a list of acceptable activities that only includes eating, sleeping, and occasionally spending time with family? Perhaps if he is watching the Master's with his family he could be more efficient by spending those seconds looking at the tv, looking at his family instead, thus decreasing his necessary leisure time by 40 to 60%?

you're obviously completely missing the point. He deserves to take breaks. Everyone does. I would never expect anyone to go 100% all the time.

The timing of the breaks do matter, though. If he earned his break in spring he wouldn't be telling us that the team still has a long way to go. I don't go up to my boss and say, "that report I promised isn't even close to being done yet but I'm gonna go on vacation and finish it when I get back." I bust my tail to get the report done before I go on break. And then I can actually enjoy my break.

Everyone seems to be misconstruing the issue here. This has nothing to do with the Masters. The issue is that this coach is in year 6 and he still doesn't have a team that is built to be successful. What the heck has he been doing? Why can't he get this team ready to play at the level he promised when he was hired? It really frustrates me, as a fan who is hoping for something positive from this program, to hear the coach come out and say that this team isn't where it needs to be in order to be successful. That is the main issue. Then immediately following that up with, welp, time to have fun watching the Masters! is just salt in the wound. It's tone-deaf and insulting. He's not delivering results on the field. He's not delivering results on the recruiting trail. He knows that his team isn't ready to play and he's just flippantly expressing that his favorite time of year is when he can knock out 3 practices and then go watch the Masters.

I want so badly for VT to be good again. I've been searching for signs that we're getting back to a level where we can compete for the ACC. And it's shi* like this that is directly contrary to what I'm looking for. I was hoping he would come out and say that the team has been having a great spring, that he's confident this time has been well used by coaches and players alike and that he's excited about the football season. I want him, whether it's true or not, to say his favorite time of year is October, when his team punches their ticket to Charlotte. I want this team to be good. It just isn't. And I don't see it getting better. And that hurts.

Just watched the entire press conference - it's abundantly clear how emotionally invested he is in this program and his players. The way he talked about Tisdale in particular was heart-warming (around 17:30). They way he talks about how important is to get recruits onto campus (around 20 minutes) shows to me that he "gets it".

He spends 25 minutes talking about how much he cares about this program and some of y'all are focusing on the last 45 seconds where he makes a throwaway comment of how much he loves coaching football, great weather and watching golf when he gets home.

Hot takes galore. I'm starting to get tired of this shit.

Every program has the same constraints. Why is VT having more trouble than its peers? The simple fact is that we don't know the reason. We only know that it is the case. Ultimately, it's Fuente's job to get VT on or above the level of peer institutions in the ACC. We're in year 6 and he has largely failed to do that. He is even saying, as of this spring, that we're still not there. If he can't get there in 6 years, will he ever?

Had a Def Leppard moment there.

Totally agree in theory, and that may be what ultimately happens. But Whit did address this in his presser about retaining Fuente. He said all the big donors he talked to were still on board. Whether that's true, or whether he has misread the situation, I don't know. Quite possibly that is the case. But I don't think the Athletic Department is oblivious to the fact that money is one of the biggest ingredients for success.

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