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I think we have similar mindsets so I will offer advice. I think you have a valid argument for health concern wearing a mask in that kind of heat, and would therefore be exempt. If you are still worried about some sort of illogical repercussion for not wearing one, I would fashion one out of the thinnest most comfortable fabric I could find because there are no specifications for a legal mask.

In actual public, I dont have a problem following the mandate, and support it. However, I am disappointed that if the Governor was willing to go this far with the mandate, why not do it weeks ago?

it fels like you're taking one isolated instance of something and turning it into a narrative that it's not. one recruit chose App St (for whatever reason), and suddenly they "out recruit" us?

last year's worst-ever-for-VT recruiting class (that you like to remind us of constantly) was still better than App State's best ever recruiting class. As far as I can tell, they've signed exactly (1) kid who is rated >0.85 in the last 10 years. They're not out-recruiting us, one high schooler made a head scratching decision.

I would submit that IF VT wants to challenge Clemson one day, we all wouldn't be upset about a low 3* recruit going to a G5 school. You can drag Cole Beck getting a committable VT offer in several threads over the last few years as an inability of this staff to identify what makes a scholarship-worthy ACC player, but all of a sudden an even lesser-profile player goes to a G5 school and it's some major recruiting loss that highlights our inability to close????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Oh, I didn't think of that. Who knows? I was just curious. I always go on to look around and dream before my timeslot and I saw that some seemingly random seats looked like they had been selected already. Had a WTF moment.

That was my question above. If alcohol places are explicitly called out, what about concrete manufacturing sites. Or glass making? Or cabinet making? Or bottling for sodas? Or golf course maintenance sheds? That would dive deep into lines and lines and lines and lines of yes or no. So, in the ease of things, as he's working around a consumable product, it is lumped in and a yes....

IT DOES FOR THIS INSTANCE. Stop applying specific instances to generalities. It is totally possible for this to be nobody's fault AND there to be a problem with the recruiting in Blacksburg. But this one, you can't use this one to prove a point when all the information we have says it wasn't a recruiting failure. Stop being intentionally obtuse.

They could be doing live testing of the platform before the seating goes live. There will probably be a reset before June 1st.

It's a reseating year. EVERYONE is supposed to re-pick seats. Otherwise, my seats would show as taken.

Edit: The day I'm having, I would gladly drink.

so, you are saying the Gov. considered the manufacturing side of breweries? Where and why is that considered?

Its a blanket rule on establishments that serve alcohol. Its super easy to have considerations for breweries and wineries. I get that these industries probably aren't considered much in VA, but that's sort of the OPs point.

I'm in ATL, and have done similar things. Every business I've visited has been super responsible. Most patrons are as well. The people who are abusing the rules around gatherings are doing it in parks or at someone's home.

Reasons are not the same as excuses. Any attempt to conflate the two causes problems.

Reasons are events that cause other events. Excuses are attempts to deflect blame. In this case, the father of the recruit said there was nothing Fuente did wrong. Therefore, we aren't attempting to deflect blame in this instance. Its a reason. Not an excuse.

We can agree that in general recruiting under Fuente has not met expectations, BUT we can also recognize that individual events have reasons for them, sometimes COMPLETELY out of your control, and these reasons are perfectly valid explanations.

I'm really just saying exercise both common sense and common courtesy. If you're going for a jog through an empty park, or a hike, you don't need a mask. If you're outside and the only person nearby is across the street, you don't need a mask. If you're walking on a busy sidewalk, just wear one until you get to a less dense area. If you're going into a business/retail store, just wear one. If the nearest person is across the street, and that person 'shames' you from a distance, just politely ignore them. It's not that difficult.

I get the law(s) are billed as a 'one size fits all' solution when that doesn't actually work, but I'd interpret it like a speed limit or jay walking laws - if no one is around you're going to be fine. If it's busy and you decide to break the law, you're probably putting someone at some sort of risk.

Barber shops are open here in NC as of 5/22 at 5 pm. Personally I've had a black market haircut arrangement since March and I'm going to keep that ongoing.

My son went to Great Clips on Monday and the virtual queue worked very nicely. They're allowed to have a client at each station, and two people in the waiting area. They are requiring a mask, but have disposable ones if you don't have one.

I ate out Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It was exquisite. Every spot I patronized was very common sense, spacing was very appropriate, and nowhere was overcrowded. I had some touching conversations with business owners who are just very thankful to be back in the game again.

Nope. His dad said "VT did a great job recruiting him".. great. I'm "saying" what is in my effing post... If you lose legit head to head offers with App State and you want to win ACC Championships, you have a recruiting problem. THAT is exactly what I'm saying. His dad- a VT fan- praising the coaches does not invalidate that statement one iota.

He's required to wear a mask...that has been considered. He doesn't like how it was considered, but it was, and answered.

If we can just get winning championships, playing in front of 105K fans, and high NFL pick aspirations not to matter to 5 stars, we will be in good shape. Did the kid choose App State over VT for academics? or the Fox Sports South TV package? Curious...since status of the program, conference, exposure, NFL draft picks, stadium, fan support, etc. don't matter to him.

according to OP, that's not the rule though. Masks need to be worn inside of restaurants, places that serve alcohol, retail, and govt buildings.

The problem is that the serving alcohol location doesn't consider the manufacturing side of breweries or wineries.