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Leicester and Leeds go down. Really crazy for Leicester to be promoted, win the league, and be relegated all within 10 years.

As for Leeds, turns out Marsch wasn't the problem! They had a bit of a spike in performance after he was sacked, but then their form went in the toilet. Almost like being promoted from the Championship and then not buying any Premier League level defenders was not a winning formula for success!

Hopefully Tyler Adams can get out of there but don't think there's any way they offload Aaronson. The Champo might do him some good anyway.

10% chance according to ESPN because
LsU iS sTaCkEd AnD hAs AlL tHe SuPeRsTaRs AnD wIlL rUnAwAy WiTh It

Wow thanks for this list Fernley! Hopefully the crooks at ABC don't make these impossible to find

I'm totally in alignment with you. I assume most people would answer the same way, but I've learned to never be surprised by how people feel about something!

VT Lady Hoops. They play the best team ball of the three and the 50-50 chance of seeing our first team National Championship makes it a slam dunk.

You can only go to one next year, and you do not know who will win......
VT Lady Hoops playing for a Natty.
VT Man's Hoops ACC finals.
VT Football in a Bowl Game
Which do you go to and why.....

Woof...25 is a go. 45 is a no. 80 is an easy go. At 25 I wasn't attached and unfortunately probably wouldn't have been missed by many and my mental state at that time I probably wouldn't have thought too deeply into it.

45 a no as I am sort of attached to seeing my kids grow up right and my disappearing wouldn't just be a mental toll but also a financial one that could effect them more than the mental side.

By 80 I figure I will be a grumpy old man that's a quasi daily burden on everyone. Better to just go and relieve that burden.

I went to a wedding in Mexico and gained 12 lbs in 4 days drinking anejo Pina coladas

Got hooked on Bacardi Anejo aged rum ( 4 yr aged and they have 8 year also) amber color; Smooth by itself but also mixes well with coke. Hard to find at times in some states.

You're 25 years old and you're single with no kids . Aliens land in your backyard. They come up to you and invite you to go with them on the spot to travel throughout our galaxy. They tell you if you join them you will never ever return to Earth again, and will never see anyone you know again. You will see the wonders of the Galaxy beyond the things you can imagine. You will never get sick and you will live a long and meaningful life of at least 200 years as part of their community. You will have everything you ever need to survive with them. You cannot wait to make your decision, you cannot leave a note, and no one will ever know what happened to you. It will be like you disappeared Without a trace.

Do you go? Why or why not?

If you're 45 with a wife and kids does your answer change? How about if you're 80 and widowed, but your kids and grandkids are still alive?

And with the sand they have dredged in that moves the waters edge about a 1/3rd of a mile or more.

SC tide differential is surprisingly typically in the 5 ft range.
Central FL is in the 3 ft range.
SC tidal areas move some water!

First morning there...looked out towards Sunrise and there was like an 8 foot high black band at ground was mosquitos.

I think Cornelson (almost) killed them, and Fuente just stood there and watched it happenπŸ€ͺ

My brother can confirm that Djibouti is no bueno.

Forgot to answer where I want to go but havent...if I can get healthy enough I would like to hike the Appalachian Trail tied in to fund raising for a Veteran's charity. Arrange to do a vblog as part of the trip.

Outside the US, have thought exploring Bali or Guyana. Guyana is mainly English speaking so that has an appeal.

I forgot to mention, I'm a big tequila fan.
The availability of good tequila makes such fandom a bit difficult.

Best would probably be either the Alps in the fall or Guam(Army assignment with R&R mixed in.) Sophia, Bulgaria was fun too on R&R from Kosovo.

Went to the Alps often as a kid and went back once after the Army. So much history, beauty and great food.

Guam I got to lay on a green beach. There is an Olivine deposit off shore there that mixes in to turn the sand green.

Best story was Sophia. Went on R&R middle of a Kosovo deployment with my roommate. The town is beautiful. It's a great mix of historic architecture with modern mixed in. The market there had amazing deal. I bought a whole new wardrobe of suits and other dress clothes for a pittance that I shipped home. The food was great and was dirt cheap so a few of us bought about one of everything on the menu and I think we paid like $100 total. First place I ever drank Raquia and oof it was potent and tasted terrible(black licorice in a bottle.) When we arrived in country we were required to attend a briefing that gave us detailed statistics on the std rates of the large prostitute population in the city. My roommate and I on first night out find a bar where we see some Russian gangsters getting bottle service so naturally we arranged for the same for ourselves. Surrounded by ladies, my roommate ordered a round of Flaming Dr Peppers. He brought his up to his face, freaked out at the flame, dropped it which splashed on the woman next too him and her sequin dress caught fire. We put it out quickly with just a few melted sequins. He went to the bathroom after that and never came back. Turns out security put him out on his butt.

I get back to the hotel on my own later. I didn't have a room key as my roommate had that so I had to see the sentry on duty to let me in. It was a female MP, she walks me up with the master key and tries to open the door. It wouldn't budge. Light was turning green but door wouldn't move. I ask her if I can try. I swiped it and put my shoulder in it and it opens but barely. That's when I realize my roommate is passed out up against the door. He comes to, hops up and door swings open to him butt naked and the MP turned all kinds of red. I thanked her and sent her on her way. My roommate had puked several times but fortunately missed my bed. I had him sleep in the bathtub and went to bed. Next morning, he doesn't remember anything. Last thing he remembered was going to the strip club at the top of our hotel. Everything else was blank. It was a good trip.

I do tell people that the Army showed me a few fun places but definitely gave me my Top Ten places not to go back to. Top of that list was Djibouti, Africa.

So I'm happy to report that after a 1 hear hiatus, a couple of my 'hokie' lillies have reappeared! Nowhere near the group I used to have.....but I'm not gonna complain!