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according to OP, that's not the rule though. Masks need to be worn inside of restaurants, places that serve alcohol, retail, and govt buildings.

The problem is that the serving alcohol location doesn't consider the manufacturing side of breweries or wineries.

Bullshit. You are ignoring my point on purpose. If you can't out-recruit App State and have aspirations to win the ACC, you have an issue with recruiting. You disagreeing with that doesn't make it less true or an agenda or anything else. Couple that with the fact that we just signed the ACC's worst class, recruiting gurus have stated there are issues, the coaching staff was changed to address recruiting, etc- never mind any of that. You are simply ignoring the point. Again- please understand my caveat is IF VT wants to challenge Clemson one day. If you are content with miring in the middle of the ACC and excusing recruiting loss battles with the G5- that's perfectly OK. Your expectations are different than mine.

And i'm just saying you're picking when your argument applies and when it doesn't for when it works for complaining about Tech football. Yet again, I'm not saying we don't have recruiting problems because it seems like we do have an issue keeping blue chip recruits seriously interested. Maybe, just maybe, the one time we have a low 3* kid pick App State over us and the father has said there is nothing we could have done may not be something we need to lose our minds over.

Ok, I'll ask. Do you expect a chart with 75,000 lines of what if's and spatial analysts, and relational calculus, and potential situations, and every little minutiae imaginable for every working situation? They made a blanket "rule": Inside-wear a mask.

You've spent more time on here than brewing today, and more time on here than if you had brought in 10 masks and changed them every hour due to mask fatigue. Is it kindergarten??? Well, many refuse to even wear the mask, or can't figure out what situation to wear it in, so it became a simple thing....inside=mask.

Are you saying that I can't hear someone talking to me at 6-7 feet away?

I may not understand what you're saying, but it's not really important I guess. I'm going to remove myself from the mask debate. Wear a mask if it's required by the business and you need to go there. Wear a mask if it makes you feel better... I'm certainly not going to preach to people that they don't need to wear a mask like, say.... outside alone in the park. I'm also not going to stomp my feet if Lane Stadium opens up and they require a mask. I'll wear one decorated in Orange and Maroon.

However, if I'm in public somewhere that it's not required and I happen to not be wearing one... back up 6 feet and go about your own business.

You may not have read through the previous thread where I laid out in detail the plan we had for distancing, masks, etc. I'm not opposed to them. I understand risks and people are nervous to the point of catatonia so we accommodate that.

I am opposed to ham handed regulations that smack of kindergarten politics of "Some of you didn't play well with others so you all lose your privileges I've granted you". But we'll wait until after I've had my beach vacation. Neener neener.

Eh, maybe a bit extreme. But with that said, I had been meaning to ask you if the barber shops were open where you are. I'm willing to cross state lines into PA, DE, MD, or NY at this point. Not sure I'm desperate enough to go all the way to NC from the Philly area ... at least not yet.

Sort of but not really. If my boss is walking behind me and sees motion on my screen, I can scroll down a little and he just sees willie (do not google that phrase).

But, no, if I wanted you to stop posting it, I'd be explicit. I don't think it violates CGs or anything and I'd imagine there are many who enjoy it. By all means, keep posting. It's kind of just become a thing to post willie in response.

Yep, not easy to throw the surf stingsilver (which usually has to be bigger than the 1oz.) The ideal stingsilver rod is a MH super fast action 8-9 foot spinning rod.

If you're close enough to shame them in person using your 'inside voice,' then they are close enough that they should have a mask on.

Sign up for an overnight camp here in North Carolina. They're allowed now, but playgrounds are still closed.

So, selection starts on the 1st? Why is the site showing some seats as if they have already been chosen?

Quintessential 80's List if you enjoyed wearing black and cloudy days brought a smile to your face...

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
How Soon is Now - The Smiths
Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
Pictures of You - The Cure
Blue Monday - New Order
Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus
All in My Mind - Love and Rockets
Desire - Gene Loves Jezebel
Down in It - Nine Inch Nails (1989, barely but we'll allow it.)
Black Planet - Sisters of Mercy

Can't forget that those of us coming up in the 80's were in the labor and delivery room where Hip Hop was born...

Rapper's Delight - Sugar Hill Gang
The Message - GrandMaster Flash
8th Wonder - Sugar Hill Gang
Jam On It - Newcleus
Rockit - Herbie Hancock- So cutting edge.
It's Like That - Run DMC
Haunted House of Rock - Whoudini
Roxanne, Roxanne - UTFO
Doug E Fresh - The Show
LL Cool J - The Bells

Well, my daughter's summer camp has been cancelled. She will me massively upset, but what can you do? There are several virtual summer camps that Girl Scouts offers. I can provide info if people want to know about them. Any other ideas folks have for 2 working parents who don't want their 11 year old to be sleeping in till 10:30 and then playing Minecraft all day?

BTW, I'm fine with her staying up late and getting up late and playing a lot of Mindcraft, just not every single day while the wife and I are working.