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One this about the ending that gets me is the Duffer Brothers have already stated that season 5 there will need to be some kind of time jump since the kids are all so much older now. Not sure how they do that with what is happening in Hawkins at the moment.

Do we think our media rights are on par with a UCLA or USC? Texas or OU? I'm not saying that they are not, just thinking about how these decisions are made that are purely by the numbers.

I know we can be emotional about this, and say that we are on par with the teams mentioned above, but are we going to add as much value to one of these conferences come media rights negotiations, which is really what this is all about.

I don't want to be left behind just like everyone else, but this is the real part of the discussion. Not a great fanbase, not a great game atmosphere, and not how good of a academic or research institution we are. It all comes down to the money, and how much we move the needle when they negotiate the next contract. And I do hope we move the needle enough to be included.

I honestly think with the grant of rights deal, it is very much a possibility that the ACC stays intact in its current format, perhaps sans Notre Dame if they decide to jump to the BIG.

I think SEC would be way better for recruiting. We hear recruits wanting to go to OSU, Michigan, Penn St but not really the Big Ten. Many recruits go SEC just for the affiliation. I think we could make a massive impact in DMV/VA recruiting if we were SEC.

I think the ACC was a great fit for VT in the mind of the VT old guard. Let's not forget in our pre-BE years UNC refusing to play us in the Peach Bowl because we just weren't up to their standards. (NC State took their place.) Let's also not forgot how UNC and Duke voted against us joining (supposed to be Miami BC and Cuse - wow that gets me fired up!) No love lost for the ACC. I think all things considered we would probably get more exposure and promotion in the SEC. The Big Ten is hellbent on USC, ND, OSU and all these traditional rivalries and we would get overshadowed in a heart beat. It would be ACC 2.0 IMO.

SI basically went bankrupt about 10 years ago and pivoted to a fan driven blogosphere focused on video uploads. They should not be taken seriously anymore.

That said, any expansion plan that doesn't have both VT and UVa in either the B1G or SEC (same with UNC and NCSU) seriously misunderstands why the expansion would take place.

The SEC isn't adding Duke over getting both the NC and Va markets. They'll add NCState over UNC before giving in to any demands like that from UNC.

I will always say that the ACC has historically the best fit for us. It's the right conference for us to be in and we were stupid to let that opportunity pass in the 1950s

That being said, John Swofford put the conference in such a position with both his horrible short sighted tv deals in the early 2000s as well as the basketball focused expansion around 2010 that the conference is not viable in 2022. It's to the point where it is no longer in our best interests to be associated with the conference anymore and we need to do what we can to get out.

We probably fit a little better in the SEC than B1G culturally, but it's not like we are a perfect fit for either. Competitively, we have a ways to go before we will be able to hold our own in either (thanks, Fuente) but we wouldn't be a basement dweller, at least not for long. Our recruiting would significantly take off with either SEC or B1G backing, so that would help a lot.

I'm more looking at the potential of taking our tv money from $17m per year to $100m. That would immediately pay off the Cassell renovation. It would free up money to significantly overhaul our football facilities and we could pour money into baseball and softball to continue the momentum we already have. It would be program changing for all the right reasons.

Finally put all the pieces together on Saturday and shot even par. Made the turn 2 under and proceeded to bogey 10 and 11. A quick sense of despair, a little self talk, and I righted the ship. Also had 3 lip outs that would have made for an amazing day, including one on 18 that turned dead 90. The neat part was playing with a guy that used to pitch for Richmond, who outdrove me by at least 80 yards and beating him. (He's a 1 cap.) Between us we were -10 on the round best ball. Time for the member guest this weekend!

I find the NFL to be steaming dog shit personally. I know the on field product is probably better but the playoff lock packing in the rest of the season losing to a 10 loss Houston doesn't really do anything to their season whereas a single game can derail seasons in CFB

Our local teams being any of Washington, Pittsburgh, Philly, or Carolina all make me want to gag and I have no ties to any other team. CFB used to feel more intimate and personal but thats been degrading slowly over the past 10-15 years too I guess

I would've loved for them to bring Eddie back next season. He was a great character. Wish the show runners would've had the stones to kill off a big name instead of their usual shtick of bringing in a new character just to kill them off.

If it goes as we all expect, and the SEC and Big 10 become the two superconferences, I have no doubt that VT will end up in one of those, and can make a decent case for either one.

I'll be happy if we join the Big Ten. I'll probably do something wild and write a long post here if/when we go SEC. A lot of resentment has been growing up against Tobacco Road and if we could just acknowledge, "Hey, let's get together and make money and play football!" instead of all these made up pretenses about academia, I will be over the moon.

I don't care where we end up as long as we aren't left out. SEC or BigTen, doesn't matter, as long as we get an equal cut of that financial pie.

Not fully buying that Merc is back.

Charles was basically able to keep Hamilton at a distance with half a front wing until Ferrari bungled it. Sainz pulled away rapidly after the SC and Perez was distancing once he got by. If Max doesn't run over debris he probably wins the race by 15-20 seconds as well with the pace he had.

If anything, Silverstone showed that Merc has a long way to go. Everything that could have gone right for Hamilton went right and he could only manage 3rd. The only RB and Ferrari cars he beat were legitimately broken.