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Ok- you'll be up Brent unless HOAT responds before then. Hit em straight!.

I could potentially start one Tuesday...

Best vacation destination you've ever taken?

Destination that you haven't been to that you really want to go to?

Funniest vacation anecdote?

May want to pick this up on Tuesday after the holiday. Been a pleasure and will do.

Paging HOAT or VtNerf! (Nerf is probably โ›ณ๏ธ).

Thanks for participating Lieutenant! Please keep answering any straggling questions!

Josiah and the Bonnevilles. Guy has a great voice came out with a single a few weeks ago that blows all of his other music out of the water called Basic Channels.

For people that like the folkier side of Childers, Bryan, Simpson. Kinda a caamp meets Flatland Calvery?

I recall someone in the athletic department had Dell's shot maps and figured an extra 800-900 or so points from 3 pt range. He had a low arching shot that was amazingly accurate. He would go for stretchs dominating the court.

Havana is a decent budget rum. Don't get me wrong I like it, have a few bottles of it at home, but if you like rum then you need to get into the premiums. Bumbu, depending on the year, can be quite good.

My favorite is Flor de Cana. Any age. Really good.

But here is a good list of some to try both in the premium and mid tier.
Ron Zacapa
Mount Gay
Flor de Cana
Don Papa
Facundo Paraiso

Ron Anejo Carupano
Old Monk
Dom Tapparo
Ron del Barrilto
Rhum JM
Ron Abuelo
Santa Teresa

White rum is not my favorite but I had some Copalli Single Estate which was very good. Typically I mix white rum though.

Living mostly outside the US I don't get to try a lot of USA Rums but I hear some great things about a few:
KoHanna Kea
Montanya Oro

I just got into African rum and there are some real stand outs there as well, mostly from South Africa:
25 Degrees South
and I haven't tried but I am trying to get to them: Tapanga, Still33, Brickmakers, Mora Mora, Mhoba, Rasta and Agua Zulu Cachaca

I also here Fiji has great rum but I haven't tried any.

As you and I have discussed, I may finally get the chance to fish with one of my favorite artists these days. For those that don't know about him, Tyler Childers is the real deal. Hope I'm not too star struck to pay attention to the fish. He and his wife and band will be around next month visiting a friend of mine and fishing is definitely on the agenda. And I know, pictures or it didn't happen!

Saw them at a music festival in Speyer, Germany when I was in the army in early 70s. They were great, but there was a really big rainstorm on Sat. night and the music stopped for a couple of hours and most of us turned in. At the stroke of midnight, though, the opening line of Black Sabbath and "I am Iron Man" had the whole campground waking up and shuffling like zombies out of our camps toward the stage. Not a big Sabbath fan, but I can still hear those opening chords to this day more than 50 years later. Also had Rory Gallagher, Rod Stewart and a ton of other bands my aging brain just cannot recall, but Deep Purple was one of my favorites at the time and I was thrilled to see them.

Edit: OK, aging brain can still fire up the Googler to fact check my faded memory. Firstly, Rod and the Faces were on the bill but didn't play. Also in the line up, billed as a British band thing, were Beggars Opera, Curved Air, East of Eden, Fairport Convention, Gentle Giant, Juicy Lucy, Osibisa and Fleetwood Mac. The festival was in 1971, and something I read said Sabbath started at 2 am, but it was a hell of a festival. And if you haven't heard of most of these bands, don't fret, I haven't heard of most of the bands mentioned on this site either.

Good rum is like good whiskey. You should drink it neat or on the rocks. I prefer neat myself.

I was out there 3 weeks ago. Great course. Oldest continually operated tee box in the US on #1. 17 would be an amazing finishing hole - downhill short par 4 with the resort framed perfectly behind the green. Greens were fast but not unbearable. I played by myself and got in 18 in 2hrs 15min.

If Horseonatreadmill doesn't pick up, VTNerf is my next choice.

Cole Beck is a Track and Field runner. He runs so goddamn fast