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I'm not afraid of Pitt this year, and we completely shut their offense down last year with similar weapons.

However, I completely agree that we need to upgrade the DL which I think has been an emphasis this recruiting class (and last 2020 class with Wooten and Bryant), specifically at DE, but we are still lacking in upgrading the DT position, which is a critical need. Looks like we don't have anyone over 300 lbs on the active roster except FUGA at DT which is not great, bob.

DL and specifically DE is the weakest spot on this team by far. We can put on OM glasses, but we are going to get our asses kicked up front by teams that can do it- BC, Pitt, etc. We must recruit better there, and 2021 is not looking great in that department either.

Jenkins at rover seems like the "safer" spot between the two from a coverage standpoint. Though I am also worried simply based on not having any P5 film to work off of.

Your breakdown of the way TnT will likely deploy the DL makes me think that Wooten will be the 5th DE by the end of the season at least.

What I'm really curious to see is what we look like on the back end when we go to a true pass defending nickel/dime. Do we keep Conner at nickel/whip in true passing situations? Do we move him to safety and play a more traditional nickel (the better of the two backup CB's at covering the slot)? Do we see any three safety stuff despite our lack of depth there? This has developed into my biggest question on defense over the last week or two, and was exacerbated by the Hunter news.

Update: We're currently at 2 of 10. Might as well get fully dipped now if you want to enjoy TKPC-only content throughout the season. Or if you simply get value from TKP and want to support it and ensure it's there to enjoy.

What I do hate is that it seems Fuente has always had an easy excuse when the team has not performed. Jerod left, Jackson broke his leg, players left for NFL, transfers, dismissals, young defense, Bud's pending retirement, etc. Not saying Fuente has explicitly made these excuses or leaned on them, but he does at times use them to explain away certain shortcomings in expectations.

I don't call them 'excuses,' because it doesn't 'excuse' Fuente's performance, but these things do give context.

We just need a clean look and a clean season with a seasoned roster. That is what fans want and I know it is what Fuente wants too. Frustrating!

I think we're in agreement here, it's just frustrating that Fuente is essentially graded on a curve for every test due to circumstances out of his control. And as a result, we can't pass or fail him.

I grabbed a 7 foot tfo bugging rod thats a 4/5 weight and use it for everything from panfishing all the way to brook trout. Bass pro used to have the setup with line and all for a really nice price.

Tragic story, facilitated by a total overrecaction from the coach - punishment does not fit the crime here. A dorm party? (duh those never happen in college) - have him pay for the door and do some extra steps. And I'm all for the Saban discipline approach- he wins obvs.

Dave introduces himself to recruits as Double D, because "thats where the action is at." He then describes his football philosophy as taking them my the hand, or even by the mouth if more than a handful. Perky and attentive is an important attribute to State Football! A little bounce is never a bad thing. But you have to provide support. At the end of the day you're gonna unleash them to the other team in hopes of seizing the moment and coming out on top.

Double D doesn't understand why all recruits giggle at him.

I heard it was Nickelback, but honestly could you really tell the difference.