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Good recruits are hard to find, sometimes you think you have found a good recruit and then you catch the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of Clemson assistants jump out of your bathroom blindfolded like a goddamn magic show ready to tag team your recruiticorn.....

Orji has two older brothers who play linebacker at Vanderbilt right now, any chance they jump ship after the season to play with their brother?

Yeah I agree with this.

I think the starters on offense are good enough to win. This is how I'm seeing it:

OL: Tenuda-Smith-Jordan-Hoffman-Clements
QB: Burmeister
RB: Blackshear / Holston
WR: Turner / Robinson / Payoute / Hodge / Smith
TE: Mitchell

And then there's a massive drop-off in the second unit.

I think if the Clements hype is real, that's actually a really good 11-14 guys to work off of. I think we stay healthy, 9 wins is closer to my watermark.

The problem is we're probably not going to stay healthy. That being said, I think when the rest of the country shakes out their depth chart after spring ball, a lot of guys will enter the transfer portal, and hopefully, we can start building depth that way. Obviously, not the way you want to build your program but what are you going to do.

Depth, depth, depth. Major issues all over on both sides of the ball. I really think 7-8 wins is the absolute high-water mark for this year, and that would require miraculous luck with injuries and things generally just bouncing our way for a change. My general expectations are anywhere from 3-6 wins. I just don't see how we make it a full season with BB as our only experienced option at QB, coupled with poor OL depth and the loss of Herbert.

I'm saying that if what the coaches are currently doing aren't allowing the players on the second team to be ready to play(or new players getting up to speed in their system) then there is work to be done for the coaches to get these players ready.

Like what? They get 20 hours/week with the kids I believe? They can only do so much in that time, and they can only do so much when the players aren't there. If Fuente is working 80 hours per week, I highly doubt that an extra 5 is going to make a huge difference. It's not like he's clocking out after working 30 hours and spending another 30 watching the masters.

In 2010 there was a kid that was ranked 353 in the nation.... I would have loved for Beamer and Foster to get him to spurn Pitt and come to Blacksburg... I know it's rare but some kids out perform their rankings.... that kid was Aaron Donald....

I'm not completely lost on Fuente. Mostly lost. But not completely. He keeps doing and saying things that give me little hope for his success. If he manages to win 10 games in 2021 I'll happily eat crow and fall back in line on his side. But if he manages to get blown out of the water by UNC then I will be completely done. I've spent the last 4 falls getting my hopes up and then being super frustrated by uneven and at times uninspired performances from his teams. I think I know what I'm going to get from him. And I'm tired of getting my hopes up only to be unceremoniously let down. I refuse to do that this year. I'll watch passively at first but if the wheels fall off on day 1 I'm just going to tune out. I have much better things I can do on my Saturdays this fall than watch an inconsistent team with lousy coaches slog through the easiest division in P5 and make it look hard as nails.

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Lets not lose sight of the fact that the Masters is a 4-day event. Literally it ends this Sunday. Perhaps we can not use the fact that a guy likes to watch a 4 day event as a referendum on his commitment level.

And he doesn't work 3 days a week. That is laughable. I'm sure he is at least putting in 50hr weeks for this job, likely more.

I know you want to be mad at him, but this is just not the thing to be mad about.

The over reaction in this thread proves that we are in the separation stage prior to divorce stage with the staff. Absolutely nothing about this article should lead to a hundred comments of "how dare he watch the Masters". Give me a break. Every coach in america is going to stress working with the twos in spring ball because that is when you do it. We may have a little worse problem than other teams because of the roster management but watching the Masters won't change that a bit. Coaches have lives too. The responses here are embarrassing and it is going to be a long year.

I'm not saying work the players harder, I'm saying that if what the coaches are currently doing aren't allowing the players on the second team to be ready to play(or new players getting up to speed in their system) then there is work to be done for the coaches to get these players ready. This is where my concern is at, not that the players aren't working hard enough. If understanding and execution are at the core of their system then they need to be able to communicate to the players efficiently their system and how to execute it.

I have given Fuente pretty much the benefit of the doubt his whole tenure until he completely tied his tenure at VT to having Cornelson be the OC and no compromises on that when BC isn't getting the job done here. He could have made changes this year on offense and he would have received the benefit of the doubt again from me for this season for making changes to try and get better. At some point in time Fuente the Head Coach has to take credit for the issues that continue from year to year under his tenure. This is where I'm at.

It never fails to blow my mind that such a physically dexterous human being can dance this poorly.

He's the Elaine Benes of action stars.

I don't want to deal with your cognitive dissonance anymore

Doing everything in one's power is not the same as being a slave. If Fuente were a slave I would expect him to work around the clock 7 days a week. I'm not expecting that. But when there are issues, of his own doing, with the program and he's not even going to work the same hours as me (8-5, M-F) I take issue with that. But working 3 days and taking the other two off to watch golf is far from "everything in his power" if we constrain "his power" to a normal working week.

I can expect more from Fuente without expecting him to be a slave. That is not cognitive dissonance. That is having reasonable expectations. Again, if he had said spring was going great and he's happy with where the team is I'd be really happy for him to enjoy some time off during his favorite time of year. But if he's going to tell me that there is a ton of work left to do the least he can do is work 5 full days a week to get the major issues resolved.

In the end you and I seem to agree that he's just not doing his job adequately. I'm frustrated that he brazenly admits as much with a smile on his face. I can't wait until VT football is better. Either Fuente figures out a way to win a lot of games and do so consistently or he's fired and we find someone who can. I had hoped that Fuente would be the guy to get VT back to competing for ACC championships but he just keeps letting me down.