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I mean if KBJ comes back and Aluma gets a waiver, we'll have 11. If Drew Harris comes and Lawson doesn't transfer, we'll have 13.

Based on recruiting valuation alone, Cattoor projects as a non-rotation player as a freshman. In the admittedly far-fetched best case scenario, we already have six guards ahead of him or seven if we land another grad transfer. I don't see the point of wasting a year of eligibility.

I'm looking forward to it. I intentionally stepped away from the season launch because I killed the last few b pushing for day 1 raid clears and it just burnt be out. I'm loving the "bad luck protection" that the chalice has afforded and am really excited to see if this is a flash in the pan or Bungie deepening the RPG aspects of the looter shooter.

EDIT: Really interesting raid mechanically. Our group was 4 people with clears, 2 (including myself) without. We two shot every encounter up until THICC DADDI at the end. It is a surprisingly short raid, but has some fun mechanics. I like a lot of the call backs to Leviathan and how everyone has to know their shit or the raid goes to hell in the ascendant plane real quick. By the same token, my raid buddy kept dying to the deception which is infuriating. One member can absolutely torpedo the raid if they can't handle a mechanic.

looks like we picked up Ojiako, too:

I agree with you. I think you hit the nail on the head especially

We're expecting a top 25 class out of Fuente the year after we went 6-7 and have limited scholarships.

I think Fuente will be fine this year. People are pretty gun shy after last year. This really only goes to show you can't run too long on faith with our fan base. Call it a Napoleon Complex, call it Little Brother Syndrome, call it whatever. A lot of Hokie Nation needs this team to be good. It's just about all we have to hang our hat on.

Wha' the hell?

D-Wat was also one of our faves. Hell, they all were. We used to really love VT basketball in those days.

If we held Frank to the same recruiting standards we held Fuente then this site would have burned down a long time ago. We're expecting a top 25 class out of Fuente the year after we went 6-7 and have limited scholarships. After plenty of years finishing ranked in the Top 15, Beamer's best class was ranked 18th. Tech is a difficult school to recruit high level kids to, I don't know why we are struggling so hard to accept that. Do i want our class to be better this year? Yes. Do i also think it's way too early to judge it? Yes.

Edit: Say we finish strong in recruiting like we have the past couple years and bring in Lambert, Powell, and Greene. Our average jumps to .8811. Thats 4th in the ACC behind Clemson, Miami, and FSU. Thats a better average than last year. That helps fills the talent gaps we keep harping on. Our coaches do need to be held accountable in recruiting, but at least let them fail before we start trashing them.

It sounded like he got off on the wrong foot with the team over the summer, and I've heard second hand that he is very open about his fortunate upbringing. I'll be the first to admit that hearing the stories about him from multiple sources really soured me on him. But he has a great work ethic. That's been documented as well. Hopefully the bad stuff is behind him and he's ready to be a hard working leader.

The nonbelievers have been removed

I think you've stumbled onto the true meaning of NBA

Non-Believers Adios

I'm going to see if I can make a list of exceptional recent Hokies who had no P5 offers.

Most of these no offer guys will be misses, but our team has historically had a few that make a huge impact. That said I too prefer 5*s.

We don't want to turn into UT and hire any Derek Dooleys or Butch Jones.

And I have a great aunt who lives in Blacksburg and runs with the high fallutin' Blacksburg socialites. Her best friend lives across from Whit at the country club. For all the information that "leaks", I will say the Buzz Williams saga was kept under wraps big time. No moving trucks, no christmas trees at the curb, no extra trash at the curb, nothing.

I think people are underestimating just how pathetic our schedule is. 8-4 would be disappointing. Do I fire someone for 8-4? Probably not, but the context of those 4 losses and the trend of the team would be important to making that decision.

I've pointed this out before, but heading into a season like last season quite a few TKP'ers predicted we would go 7-5 or 6-6 in a pre-season thread in August. However, experiencing 6-6 where we lose to ODU, get absolutely hammered by Pitt, GT, and Miami, and we have to schedule Marshall during CCG week so that we don't lose the bowl streak looks and feels a lot worse than our more reasonable idea of what that 6-6 or 7-5 looked like preseason.

You can't dismiss the class we're putting together blindly because it's 'a small class.' The average player ranking is at a level where we will not be competitive - it is that simple. With a smaller class, you'd hope we'd be a little selective on players, yet we're letting Noah Kim, an guy with ZERO P5 OFFERS, commit at the beginning of May. Guys like Kim should be kept in contact with, but be November/December offers when we've got last minute spots open.

We all saw how the 2016 class hurt us, and we're on pace for one as bad or worse. We're 6 months from signing day and stand in decent shape with 2 4* players. We've got a shot with Powell, but Lambert feels like the same bridesmaid story we experience every year, and I think Feaster will likely go to SC if he qualifies.

The recruiting under Fuente so far is not going to get us back to competing for ACC championships. It is easy to dismiss posts that point this out, but we haven't recruited good enough players at DL or DB in the last 3 years, and we're still not addressing those talent holes.

After watching a youtube tutorial on how to use PowerPoints grid lines, I just ended up using it in the end. I have used in the past and agree that it is pretty user friendly.

We forced Frank out for this?

Frank has said multiple times that he went to Whit and felt it was his time. The man held himself to a high standard and bowed out when there were other big things happening in life.

If we're locking out huge portions of the population because of that...people shouldn't be surprised when a possible American Messi never emerges because it turns out he's spent his whole childhood playing basketball for free in a small paved playground in his city.

This is the same reason there are more high schools and colleges with basketball teams than there are with ice hockey teams. Some sports just have a much lower barrier to entry. Soccer should be one of them, and the fact that it's been cast as such institutionally is a travesty.

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Alright to be the voice of grounded reality in this thread:

it's time to clean house.

that's some fast and furious-level cgi 0-60 right there

I can only assume he expects such an awful down year that all our talent hits the portal