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The 3-6 programs (per your list) in the SEC have won 5 national championships in the last ~16 years The SEC truly isn't as top heavy as other conferences. If Bama ceased to exist they would still have national title contenders every year.

SEC and B1G aren't as ridiculously top-heavy as the other conferences because taking two teams off the top wouldn't effectively cause the whole entire conference to collapse, like we're probably about to see with Big 12.

The 3-6 programs in SEC (LSU, Auburn, UF, aTm in some order after Bama/UGA) and the 3-6 programs in B1G (PSU, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan St in some order after anOSU and Michigan) are way better than the 3-6 programs in the Big 12 -- Ok St, Iowa St, WVU? TCU?

IIRC, a pay per view/subscription model could circumvent the grant of rights. ND could set up a pay per view ND channel for example. FSU could set up a network channel on youtube TV for 3 dollars a month, theoretically. I -think- that is the out clause with grant of rights deals.

I'll follow up here instead of individually to Bar and Rayo

The biggest single difference is that the ESL at its core was designed to be outside of the current system but also in parallel to it. It was going to guarantee broadcasting money, gate money, concession money, etc for the "biggest" clubs in Europe without requiring sporting merit -- no need to "win your way in". In a system that has clubs and not franchises, that has pro-rel, etc, it's pretty disrespectful to say "we're doing this for the money and it doesn't matter at all what it's going to do to the product on the field, or to overall success of the club". Arsenal, the team I support, has been pretty blah the last few years and doesn't deserve a competition against the Real Madrids and the Juventuses etc. The fact the German clubs basically said to f off was pretty awesome.

That said, the ESL wasn't a rearrangement of current competitions, as the clubs involved didn't intend to leave their domestic leagues, domestic cups, or even the UEFA-sponsored European cups (UCL, UEL). The ESL was set up outside of that structure, in addition to that structure.

The OU/UT to the SEC isn't the same because it's a rearrangement and concentration of teams, and it's effectively within the current NCAA structure. They're still competing for conference championship, they're still competing for national championship within the structure of NCAA CFP system. It's a little more obvious now why the SEC was pushing for wider scope in expanded CFP (12 vs 8, etc) but UT/OU still has to win their games to get in. Going from Big 12 to SEC makes it more difficult to win the conference, not easier, for UT/OU. Adding OU/UT to the SEC doesn't really make it much easier for UGA, Bama, etc to win their conference.

This is occurring within the purview of the NCAA, not outside/alongside it.

If (for instance), Clemson, Bama, ND, FSU, UT, OU, UGA, LSU, Auburn, UF, PSU, Michigan, anOSU, USC, Wisconsin, and Oregon decided to host their own 16-team knockout bracket every year in addition to their typical conference schedule and the Playoff system, and those schools negotiated their own billion dollar TV deal for that tournament to be split among those 16 schools, with a $10m payout to each of the P5 conferences, then that would be more aligned with the ESL comparison.

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From the Laughs and Groans app:
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Texas politics for you:

UT keeps UH out of the B12 because recruiting is messed up.

UT and TAMU try to control the pleasant PUF fund for themselves, not sharing with the other state public schools (TT/UH).

Texas running the table and controlling the B12, getting their own network, getting more market share, etc.

Texas boosters trying to buy coaches and wins. They raised enough money to BUY OUT Herman's contract.

Eyes of Texas. They can fuck off for that one.

UT was in the admissions scandal.

Shady institution overall.

Herman was a beast at Houston until he lost to UCONN, then started looking for a house in Austin as soon as 2015 was over. 2016 came up, beats Okie and Louisville, but loses to three other conference teams.

Herman is a decent coach at best. Beating good teams doesn't make you a good coach. You had to beat every team.

He was also the playcaller for whatever. He can buzz off. Herman a snake.

B12 and WVU XD XD XD

In all surprise, if there's a Texas market and they want to go for it, we are here.

There was a rumor about the B1G a few years back but I'll believe that the Blacksburg Gumby's had a rating above half a star before that.

If the ACC adds Houston, their rivals will likely be VA and NC State.

However, the geographical location might not make sense. Academics are great, network/marketing is fine, and basketball is GREAT. Football should be on the rise, but we can't have consistency when every two years a P5 swoops in to poach our coaches.

The Houston market is big up for grabs after this, and we can expand our stadium to 60k. There are 180k Houston alumni in the city alone. The Houston brand in general is fairly known internationally, and with the rising academic standards of the place, we're dropping below 50% acceptance rate this year (35k apps, 16k admits, 7k join). Some of our programs, even in specific STEM fields, are starting to outrank UT, TAMU, and Rice. The Big3 Texas Public are consistently competing and establishing their ground.

It's the #1 most diverse FBS Institution in the nation. City of 3-4 million people. Also the Louisiana market, for proximity. Our main set of out of state is Cali, Louisiana, Illinois, and NY. We have an extreme cultural fit.

Some B1G forum suggested Houston but that won't happen.

The PAC won't take a religious school. We've been flirting with them for a long time and hosting their swim champs.

Any of the P4 that doesn't add Houston is missing out.

I love the comment about how the SEC and Big Ten are the only conferences that aren't ridiculously top heavy.

In the regular season Bama has lost 7 times in the last ten seasons, twice to Ole Miss, Twice to auburn, twice to LSU, and once to A&M. That is an insane almost of top heavy dominaton.

The Big Ten is slightly better, but OSU picked it back up and Dantonio and Bielema are no longer coaching in the conference.

At one point (probably early in the last big realignment before we picked up Pitt and Syracuse), I had come up with an expanded ACC, probably with 16 teams. I can't remember the specifics, except that it had two mega-divisions, one was along the actual Atlantic Coast, and the other was basically what was left of the Big 12 at the time, including Texas.

It's slightly different scenarios but the same main concept: teams losing access to competing for a major championship because the big boys want a monopoly on all the money/exposure

Oh man, are we doing "first domino" threads again now? We're doing it, aren't we?

TX and OU go to SEC causing the B12 collapse. SEC is also supposedly trying to get another 4-10 teams, and compete at a level 'above DI'

Yes and according to some people, it's the proverbial "first domino"

It is true we are a large land grant university similar to many B1G schools. But I feel like our fan base and geographical proximity makes us a better fit for the SEC than the Midwest. Games against Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, USCe seem like a more natural fit than Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, etc.