Concussions: Watch Out for the imPACT

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By: Max Esterhuizen

You are enduring the elements at a football game: the cold, the rain, and the high winds. None of it matters when you are watching your favorite team play a vicious match. Suddenly, there is a bone-rattling hit on the other teams player. You start cheering because of the ferocity of the hit. The other player doesn’t get up. Concern fills the stands. The player gets up with help, but appears confused and woozy. He just suffered a moderate concussion, which is a growing problem in today’s athletics.

Occurrence and Symptoms

Observations from the Spring Game

In returning to Blacksburg for the first time since the ECU game last year, one question kept coming to mind: Why the hell do I not come back more often? I made the bookstore rounds, watched the sun go down at the pylons, visited the April 16th memorial, ran into Macho Harris walking downtown, got my picture with Bruce Smith, demolished a Kabuki dinner in Christiansburg, and got to see some sloppy, but promising, spring football.

J.C. Coleman VERBALS?

Rumor in Blacksburg is that Oscar Smith H.S. running back J.C. Coleman verballed to the Hokies today before the spring game. Just five weeks ago he was a strong UVA lean.

Protected tweet by incoming freshman Dewayne Alford let the info drop and Kyle Tucker let was quick to put it out after here.

Incoming #Hokies freshman Dwayne Alford tweeting that Oscar Smith High RB J.C. Coleman committed to VT on visit today. Big news.

Though J.C. has scat back size at 5'7" 170 lbs he runs with balance, vision and more power than one would expect. Last season he rushed for 1,402 yards and 21 touchdowns.

Spring Football is in the Air

The Virginia Tech spring game is kind of a big deal. Last year 41,000 fans were in attendance according to the Collegiate Times. For the casual fan the spring game delivers the opportunity to tailgate with the certainty that everyone will be happy downtown afterward because no matter what we win. Not even considering the fact that this is the only football until September, it is a chance to reunite with people from college, grill out and party on a warm spring afternoon then enjoy ridiculously cheap drink specials downtown during the evening.

Friday Night Lights

Editor's Note: Cody Elliott is a junior Communications student at Virginia Tech and attended Friday night's scrimmage. He put together this summary.

Virginia Tech's second public scrimmage of the spring showcased Logan Thomas' potential, David Wilson's improvements, and a defense that is looking better and better with each practice.

David Wilson DOES Eat Chickfila On Sunday

"According to the source in CIB [Center of Injury Bio-mechanics], these genetic factors are not completely understood yet, but the best example of the existence of such factors is that of one of the football players at Virginia Tech. David Wilson, a Virginia Tech running back, was playing in a game in 2010 against fellow ACC team Wake Forest. David Wilson had a collision with one of the Wake Forest players that measured at 225 G’s of force, which is an incredible amount of pressure being put on the human body. After the collision, David Wilson got right up and ran over the to the Virginia Tech huddle. The Wake Forest player, on the other hand, stayed down on the field and was removed from the game.

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You Too Can Follow VT Women's Soccer Recruiting

Joe and I are excited to share our passion for Virginia Tech women's soccer recruiting and we know you're all interested in how the Class of 2011 is doing. If you live in Northern Virginia, the excitement of the Hokies' future is just outside your doorstep. Several players that are either committed to Tech or on its radar right in the talent-rich 703.

With state soccer playoffs right around the corner, now is the time to get out there and check out what the future of Hokie women's soccer looks like.

Class of 2011

Welcome to The Key Gobbler

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Would the Jaguars be Interested in Tyrod?

With spring practice getting ready to start football is almost here again. Like all of you I will be salivating over every big play and worrying about every player that seems like they are nowhere near where they need to be for opening kickoff. Luckily we have the NFL draft to distract us--with Mel Kiper’s promise that he knows exactly what is best for every team. We can watch as he tells us that anyone who dares choose someone not on his big board will be doomed to the Cleveland Browns fate (see Chicago Cubs for example). Like most Hokies, I will be hoping that Tyrod ends up where he will be used as a true quarterback and not left for some last ditch wild cat package or forced into playing wide out for the Raiders.

Hokies Set to Send 7 Wrestlers to NCAAs in Philadelphia

*I'm writing this from my phone while sitting in class, so forgive any accidental informational errors or typos.

The Virginia Tech Wrestling team's performance at ACCs was dreadful to say the least. We only came out of the tournament with 3 ACC champs and 4 automatic bids in a conference that we dominated throughout the regular season. Part of this reason is the difference in competition style, during the year we met our ACC foes in a dual meet format and the ACC tournament is an individual tournament format. Nonetheless, the Hokies under performed at ACCs.

State of the Hokies Basketball Program

Ladies and gentlemen the state of the Hokie basketball program is fundamentally strong. I understand that is a hard idea for some to embrace after the last two games. The past two games have been really disappointing, from personal experience I've had clouded judgement a few times which resulted in disappointment, but don't let the last two games cloud your judgement of the Hokies basketball program.

Rock the Cassell

On Saturday night, the energy inside of Cassell was a tangible matter; you could actually feel that the Hokies were going to win that game. After beating top-ranked Duke, the fans learned, but probably more importantly, the team learned that VT can play with anybody, and that it is just a matter of motivation for this depleted, yet talented, team.

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Looking ahead to 2012 Recruiting

Editor's Note: The perfect segue from this morning's post.

This year more than ever, I got into the nitty-gritty of following VT recruiting, spending entirely too much time concerned over the decision-making process of 17 and 18 year old strangers. I definitely picked the wrong year to take it so seriously. No reason to stop now.

Here's a list of the early top-25 players for the state of Virginia:

What are your thoughts? Who do we need a most? Who do we have no shot at?

Only 200 Days Away, Time for A Way too Early Schedule breakdown

It's not even the start of spring practice but I'm already chomping at the bit for start of football season which is exactly 200 days away. VT has just gotten two big V-day gifts in Shane Beamer coming back home as well as the schedule coming out. I personally love the schedule and it's relieving to not have an early tough out of conference game this year for this young Tyrod-less squad.

First-Year Virginia Tech Quarterback Statistics Under Frank Beamer

Inspired by Joe's post about Logan Thomas, I expounded on his first-year QB stats. However, I did mine a little differently and went with each QB's first year as the primary starter. The arbitrary number I set for this was starting 75 percent of the Hokies' games. Then, I grabbed the stats for every first-year starter under Frank Beamer.

This doesn't include Beamer's first starting quarterback in 1987, Erik Chapman, who started the previous season.

Recruiting by the Names

Editor's Note: Because we all could use a little humor on Friday.

Micheal Holmes : Devastating hook, can be slow with the jab and lacks a go-to combination

Kevin Asante: Too much velour

Dimitri Knowles: Cossack prick

Robert Lockhart: Rocket Lockhart? Lockhart Rocket? Robhart Locket? You decide

Christian Reeves: Seriously?

Jake Goins: Will immediately compete for best legs on team

Chris Hall: Screams ‘intangibles’

Ryan Malleck: Walking Axe commercial

Darius Redman: Legitimate shot at making 1st team all Wu-Tang Clan as a freshman

Kris Harley: Must’ve sucked growing up in a commune


Coach Beamer loves to have mottos for inspiration and what not which is great, I love that idea. I actually have been thinking of some for quite some time now and I will share them with yall.

Take it to the next level

Open up the damn playbook

Block for the backfield

Get rid of the shotgun read handoff

Run the option

Bench GW

Dont come out flat for a big game

Bring in some 5 stars

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