Miami ADD

We play Miami tomorrow. Are you excited? I am. I have been since the clock in Kenan showed '00:00'. Why? If you need to ask that, just move along.

Things you can muck:

  • A hand of cards when all you see is deuce ten pathetically staring back at you.
  • A pair of kicks when running across a muddy Drillfield during a driving rain after barring at 2:00am.
  • (up) Life. I frequently do this.
  • Fiami.

Six Pick: Week Twelve

It's week 12, the calm before the storm. This week isn't grabbing hold of the national attention, but these are some solid games. Don't worry though, the turkey and championship weeks are going to be red hot. The end is drawing near and I am getting worked up to see how it plays out. History tells us there are surprises to come.

If anyone is wondering why the games this week are just solid and not particularly good, look no further than the Southeastern Conference. There are only two games of consequence down south this weekend, Arkansas at Mississippi State and maybe Ole Miss at LSU (if one is feeling charitable.) The majority of college football's elite conference either paid an opponent for a victory, or scheduled a bye in prep for next week's rivalry games. That's weak. I don't want excuses, man the hell up and play someone. One group I don't want to hear a peep from are the Crimson Tide. I want no bitching and moaning about Auburn's bye before the Iron Bowl. Alabama is playing playing Georgia State this week, this is their first year of football... in the FCS. The Georgia Academy for the Blind would put up more resistance.

I would be remiss if I did not mention this Big 1+10 / Wrigley Field end zone fail. I got 10 bones that says a player coached by the Zooker is sure to smash into it with his face.

via: Teddy Greenstein's twitter posting, another is here.

Princess Jacory

October 30th - Early in the second quarter against Virginia Jacory Harris is knocked to the turf by defensive tackle John-Kevin Dolce. Time is slowed for him, seconds pass as minutes, minutes as hours. He is concussed, in a daze, and a dream takes over his consciousness...

A magnificently oversized, soft, white polar bear comforter is flung to the ground. It's camouflaged by the lustrous marble tiling that it now lays upon. It's an enormous chamber, baron except for the king sized bed, made for a princess, anchoring the room out of which pops up an energetic Princess Jacory Harris. He runs towards the bay window bubbling off the room and flings apart a set of sea green satin drapes that are fine enough for King Shannon to wipe his face with. Jacory starts singing out the window.

A fine morning to you, U-Topia. A beautiful day I see.
What's a Princess to do? Oh someone, please tell me.

Princess Jacory's delicate and mesmerizing voice travels quickly all across U-Topia. His subjects are drawn to the palace courtyard. The carpenters and smiths come flowing over the wavy hills to the north. The farmers drone in with their families from the west. They bring their freshest Pterodactyl eggs and the slaughtered, cleaved remains of mastodon, a traditional offering of the land.

Thoughts on 57-73

  • Delaney was a little rusty protecting the ball. Nine turnovers are triple his 3.0 TO/game average last year. Otherwise he didn't miss a beat. Like last season, he carried us offensively. I thought he did a fantastic job of penetrating and drawing fouls. That's something he's going to have to keep doing, and do more of so we can keep pace with our opponents going forward.
  • Jarell Eddie came off the bench and contributed big minutes. That's just what highly recruited players need to do. He has the potential to be a stud.
  • We got out rebounded 42-33. Ouch.
  • Until we get more bigs that can play or learn to go small, we're going to be in trouble in every game where Jeff Allen is in foul trouble. Right now we're still figuring things out.
  • Bell played 23 minutes and didn't score a point. Double Ouch.
  • It's only November.

Week 12 BlogPoll Ballot

My full ballot is after the jump. Here's a quick justification of the not so obvious movers, shakers and frozen.

  • I had to move Wisconsin up after they posted 83 points against Indiana.
  • Arizona and Iowa drop after their losses to USC and Northwestern respectively. The teams behind them move up in a predictable fashion.
  • USC - Is there any other team out there that deserves the 25th spot more than them?

My final ballot will be submitted on Wednesday. If you have any gripes or arguments leave them below and we'll iron the wrinkles out.

Hokie Happenings

Your sights and sounds of Blacksburg or wherever Hokie Nation is headed.

Out of the photos I've seen, this is the best victory picture of the year.

via @dchokie18

Scouting Report: North Carolina

Eric's Notes

UNC Defense

Looking at their defense, the only weakness is the defensive line. Defensive tackle Quinton Coples (43 tackles, 6.5 sacks) is by far their best player along the line. He could give our offensive line fits, I'd expect Coach Newsome doubles him more often than not. As a whole, the UNC d-line doesn't get pressure and isn't very good against the run. Luckily for Carolina the linebacker corp has picked up the slack and has limited teams from completely running wild.

Speaking of the LBs, they have four guys who play major minutes, I would expect Zach Brown, Bruce Carter, Quan Sturdivant, and Kevin Reddick to play on Sundays sooner or later. There's a very good chance Carolina uses Bruce Carter to spy Tyrod Taylor, that worked very well last year.

The secondary is almost as stout as the linebackers. With cornerback Kendric Burney back, they are now at full strength. The second corner Mywan Jackson is a big drop off from Burney and should be picked on.

It's imperative the Hokies don't go down two scores early. These guys aren't NC State or Georgia Tech. They are well coached and strong in the back seven, big pass plays won't come easy. Not having David Wilson's or Dyrell Roberts' speed on the field to stretch or at least put pressure on the athletic Tar Heels is a loss.

Q&A with In The Bleachers

I've got a little Carolina insight for everybody this afternoon from former UNC defensive back, and current blogger and host of the In The Bleachers Podcast Michael Felder. Mike stopped on by to talk a little Hokies-Heels. If you guys crave college football knowledge in 140 character burts then follow Mike on Twitter: @InTheBleachers. (You can find my answers to Mike's questions on ITB.)

Six Pick: Week Eleven

We have turned the corner on the regular season and are entering the homestretch. It almost brings a tear to my eye knowing there are only three weekends in the regular season left. Unfortunately, because so many teams shit the bed this season, a lot games for the week that looked promising at the start of the season are anything but now. I thought about doing a Five Pick again, but that joke only works once, so I dug deeper. While there aren't any games grabbing for national attention, there are still plenty of meaningful conference matchups. The lack of hype can only mean one thing... upsets! It's going to happen, just hopefully not in Chapel Hill.

Speaking of UNC, I would like to congratulate their fans, especially a special one I will mention below. You can forget all about Marvin Austin, John Blake, "tutor" and Coach Butch "Plausible Deniability" Davis who oversaw it all. You guys have made it... it's basketball season and all of your braggadocio can be fully restored, unless you only make it to the N.I.T. again.

David Wilson out Against UNC

David Wilson has mono, and won't play against North Carolina.


/deep breaths

This is an all around colossal loss for the Hokies. Wilson is averaging a team high 6.24 yards per carry on 74 carries with 4 rushing touchdowns. More importantly, his 2 housed kickoff returns swung the momentum in our favor against NC State and Georgia Tech. For those keeping score at home, against UNC we will be without our top two kick returners (Dyrell Roberts compartment syndrome) and that really stings. Ryan Williams and Tony Gregory will return kicks against UNC. I'll consider it a success if they don't turn the ball over while brining it out, anything more is gravy. Wilson's energy level is unmatched, and no doubt, that too will be missed on the practice field and sidelines.


At 7-0 the mascot mock is ready for the home stretch.

Revenge of the Nerds

Because we all remember the bitter taste left in our mouth that last Thursday night last October.

The cutouts are here (1, 2).

Week 11 BlogPoll Ballot

My full ballot is after the jump. Here's a quick justification of the not so obvious movers, shakers and frozen.

  • By my eye test LSU might have the best defense in the country. Over the last few weeks their offense has gone from suspect, to serviceable. There is also something to be said for Les Miles getting the big call right every, single, time. I think they're the best one loss team in the country and it's close but I think they're better than Boise State.
  • For right now, I'm just whacking Arizona on the knuckles. Stanford blew their doors off, but they still only have two losses and have beaten some good teams. With that said, if they lose to USC they could drop out of the poll altogether.
  • Oklahoma - Phil Steele needs to work in "bitchassness" into his set of power rankings for next year so he can give a better preseason prediction.
  • Utah - I haven't been impressed with them all year and I think they've only looked flashy against the bottom feeders. So here we are.

I'll be submitting my final ballot on Wednesday, so if you have any suggestions leave them below before then.

The Main Event

My initial thought after Thursday night's game was that we severely regressed. After re-watching the game I've come to the conclusion that my seat high up in the south end zone and a morning, afternoon and evening of tailgating clouded my judgement.

Let me be cliché for a moment–that game was a heavyweight grudge match and Georgia Tech took the opening rounds. On their first two drives the 'Reck took the ball and bullied us down the field for 138 yards and two touchdowns. I knew Georgia Tech would get their yards, but we had to make them earn them. Their first drive was methodical, but we gave up the big play, again, the second time around.

A few guys were responsible for that gaping hole, but Kyle Fuller (who played most of the day at whip) got his jock turned around by Joshua Nesbitt mashing down on the L2 button.

Down 14-0 I thought our prospects for winning were bleak. The defense was struggling, the offensive line was playing mediocre, and Al Groh was proving that he was indeed a Bill Parcells' disciple. But then we began battling back.

Hokie Happenings

Your sights and sounds of Blacksburg or wherever Hokie Nation is headed.

On Wednesday I made my way down to Blacksburg to party, visit with friends, cause general havoc, and watch us defeat Georgia Tech. Co-piloting the trip was my blogging brother from another mother F4H. The night started off with delicious cheeseburgers, onion rings, french fries and Yuengling at Mike's Grill. It then saw us hit ever bar on Main Street, including rails at TOTs and a pitstop at Big Al's to meet up with @vttrapp.

Somewhere in that blur is me holding a rail.

It concluded with a rainy walk up Main Street to B-Dubs for chicken wings and Long Island Iced Teas, where I infamously dropped mine.

Glory Days

I feel something special every time I take that right off of 460 onto Southgate. It was fitting that The Boss' Glory Days was the music to my personal montage of my ride on campus. The maroon "VT" sprayed on the road is a welcome mat back to the best place in the world. Off in the distance Lane Stadium is neatly tucked away behind the perfectly manicured "VT" shrubbery. That view is intoxicating to this Hokie. I feel "back" and I always question why I left in the first place. It's a simple answer though, life must go on, and people must move on.

However, the truth is I am back for one reason, and I know y'all are too. We want to see our Hokies take Paul Johnson's Bees, bend them over their knees, and spank the arrogance out of them.

Both groups of fans want this game. I know that's hard to believe considering 9 out of 10 Georgia Tech fans use a football game as a study hall, but for every 9 there's one 1 passionate bee. And I won't be satisfied until we squash them and flick 'em back to Atlanta.