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Out of the cellar!


Good thing for the spread on two picks, bad for another.

Not a bad week, but I missed the two easiest games.

I went up 1% this week! WOOOOOO

I will continue to pick against the Hokies if that means they will win....since isn't that all that really matters?

WFVU screws me over again, next time let yourself get blown out assholes. That shows you how good Vegas is

Boise 37 OSU 24
Boise was a 17 favorite
WVU 14 LSU 20
Lsu was a 8.5 favorite

straight pick em this year I would be around .500

Im glad Im not betting money haha

Several attempts were off the mark. One where it looked like he was trying to hit an open Danny Coale in back of the end zone but almost had it picked, throwing it at least 8 yards short. If he threw it high it was 6 points.
I looked at highlights from previous games including BSU and saw the same thing. Receviers are doing a good job when the ball is close but too often have to make big adjustments to make the catch. The throw-catch game just doesn't look smooth compared with other good passing teams. Maybe that is why teams still play us for the run and aren't too concerned with us passing. Late last year that all changed when TT started catching fire and the run game improved along with it. I think we will continue to improve but would like to see it now.

He looked good blocking, caught a couple of big passes, and you can't blame him too much for tipping that pass.

didn't know what to do when he actually had a pocket for him today, had happy feet way too early

always classic.

just like my new avatar.

We have a pretty good TE in Smith.

Why are we forcing the issue with Evans?

Thanks for stopping by, awesome conversation and insight as usual.

and i thought you were being good this weekend or just low key?

and bring it up for Christmas.

you know i love rye beers.