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bc, set upon by miami iniated leaving the big east ... the 2 of them picked cuse as their partner. so never forget they tried to leave us in that crap ass league with the cousins.

mark warner can not do anything that will make me not vote for him.

He's faster than Williams which helps when the holes are only open for a fraction of a second. But even today, it really looked like Williams was running timidly, consistently bouncing things outside, whereas David picks as hole, hits it and then makes his moves.

I've thought DW would be the best of 'em all because he's the strongest, and fastest and he can run downhill, but makes the moves we needs to.

Joe, do you think he's better now? Or do you think his speed is compensating for the O-line better thank Williams can...

I think Wilson is going to be the best of the bunch, and he's showing it today.

I still put RMFW as the best back, but I like this chemistry more.

But I think Evans/Wilson is a better duo than RMFW/Evans...

Not sure why, maybe RMFW is too alpha to share (not his fault) and needs to be a feature back only, but something looks better with these two.


They move it into field goal range. Kickoff returns have been lacking this year.

our coaches are absolute shit in the last 2 mins of the half/game.

What's the point of letting ECU run the clock when we have two timeouts and they only have two more downs to work with?

i can't believe he held onto that

i can't believe he held onto that

The hit on RMFW didn't look that bad, but those could be the worst...

Do I need to get a screengrab?

I'm not used to watching these types of shootout games...too nerve racking I miss our old D.